A Super Short Introduction Into Mpreg

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Since my upcoming MMMM gay romance Alpha’s Sacrifice will be an mpreg romance, I figured I’d give a little introduction into this topic, since not everyone will be familiar with it.

What is Mpreg?

Mpreg stands for male pregnancy, and it’s a subgenre of gay romance where men can become pregnant. Broadly speaking, there are two main categories within mpreg: shifter and non-shifter. The latter are also referred to as omegaverse.

Usually in shifter mpreg romance (at least when we’re talking about wolves and similar animals), there are alphas, betas, and omegas. The alphas are the top dogs as their name implies, the alpha-men. Betas are the second in command, but have to obey the alpha. The omega are the nurturing types, and also the ones who can become pregnant.

In non-shifter mpreg, also called omegaverse, there are also alphas and omegas with pretty much the same characteristics, but betas don’t always exist in this world.

Vieno teaser
In my upcoming gay romance Alpha’s Sacrifice, Vieno is the omega…

How Does Mpreg Work?

How omegas can become pregnant  differs per book. In a lot of cases, it’s not really explained biologically, but operates on the “suspension of disbelief” in the reader. If we can believe vampires and werewolves exist, why not male pregnancies?

One crucial aspect, however, is the concept of a “heat”. Every omega goes through a heat (usually about every three months, can be more often) where he is fertile…and often quite desperate for sex. This triggers another phenomenon many mpreg readers love: knotting. Knotting is when the alpha’s dick swells after sex into a knot and stays that way for a while (minutes, usually, sometimes longer) to ensure pregnancy in the omega.

How omegas deliver their babies varies as well per book. “Ass babies”, they’re sometimes called affectionately—and I’ll leave the details to your imagination. Delivery can also happen through C-section.

What Makes Mpreg Fun to Read?

I asked the readers in my Facebook group what they loved about this genre, and these are some of the answers:

“I love the big strong Alpha who protects HIS omega. I love the Omega who is strong and the Alpha balances him out.”

“1. Fated mates—the only acceptable love at first sight lol. 2. Heats—the desperate need to get fucked or for an alpha to fuck when he scents it, seriously so hot. 3. Knotting, when you find that perfect description of an alpha’s knot pressing against the prostate or omega gland and making him cum over and over *chills*”

“One word KNOTTING! Love it! Also..the dub con [dubious consent] of the Omega when in heat is pretty hot I gotta say!!!”

Some Mpreg Recommendations

If you’ve never read this genre, here are some great books and authors for you to start with. The general consensus is that Slow Heat by Leta Blake is one of the best mpreg books available. If you like a little kink as well, I can recommend Piper Scott’s His Command series. These are both omegaverse/non-shifter.

Other well-known mpreg authors include Kiki Burelli, Aiden Bates, Austin Bates, and Susi Hawke.

And of course my MMMM gay romance Alpha’s Sacrifice is an mpreg as well!

8 thoughts on “A Super Short Introduction Into Mpreg”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this explanation. People need to know what they are getting into. I didn’t. Never considered the concept, always liked Single Gay Dads romances. Then I accidentally read one and fell in love with the genre nearly ten years ago. I can’t keep up with the explosion of new authors/books, but having fun trying.

    1. The first mpreg I read was a bad one and I had no idea what was happening…didn’t understand any of it, haha. But then I found a good one and it started to make sense. But I remembered how lost I was at first, so I figured this would help new readers to the genre.

  2. When I first read one I have to say I was confuzzled as well, and now as a writer, I believe you just explained the Mpreg far better than I have seen. Allowing readers to understand before they buy a book or borrow one and leave a bad review solely on lack of communication. Love it thanks. Saved me having to explain. I showed this to my Daughter her face was a total picture omg it would cure all problems if men could do this she laughed.

    1. Thank you! So happy this has been helpful. Yeah, I wished I’d read something like this before I started, because the first few books were super confusing… And yes, there are days when I wish mpreg was real, haha!

  3. I just read my first Mpreg, loved it but the classic question “where do babies come from” plagued me. I realize it was implied, but the water breaking, the pushing perplexed me lol. I kept thinking where. I’m on an adventure now and look forward to your suggestions :). Love the alpha/omega dynamic! <3

  4. Omg thank you so much for this. I was on Kayleen Neuholds facebook group and some peeps were talking about good mpreg books and im like what?? Thats a genre? This explanation was the best for a newbie like me. XOXO

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