What Reviewers Say About No Filter

The first reviews are coming in for No Filter, my debut gay romance, and here are some highlights:

“Wow! Just wow!! What an amazing story. Full of love, friendship and hot bedroom activities. Learning how to trust, how to live with reality and how to live a life without guilt. I was captivated by the first page to the very end! I can’t wait for book 2!! It’s so fantastic written, the understanding of the mind, the vulnerability and all the love!”

“I absolutely loved it. No Filter reminded me of why it’s a good idea to take a chance on a new author. Noah, Indy and Josh make it impossible to not to be drawn in, these characters just came alive. I’m hoping for many more books in the No Shame series.”

Teaser No Filter

“I’ve never read a book quite like this, the dynamics of the relationships are very unique. Because of that, it was very intriguing and I can’t wait to see how it’s all resolved.”

“I was immediately drawn into the storyline and it just got better. Noah, Indy and Josh, each have different past experiences that they struggle to move forward from. As a couple, Noah and Indy are perfect together. I was crying through every word of Indy’s life before meeting Josh and Noah. The only thing I can say in the negative is that I had such a book hangover when I finished (mentally and emotionally) and needed next book sooner rather than later.”

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