Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Sept 8)

Welcome to this week’s best deals in gay romance, as well as some exciting new releases. All these books are my personal, subjective choice, as this is not an ad or a paid list, simply books that appeal to me. Happy reading!

As always, double check to make sure the price is discounted before you hit that one-click button. Some deals may have expired or may not be valid in your Amazon store.

New Releases

We have some great new releases this week! Each week, dozens of gay romance release, and I can’t list them all, so I pick the ones I’m excited about.

Private Charter – NR Walker

Private Charter came out while I was on my break, but I didn’t have room to mention it last week. I just finished reading it a few days ago and if you’re looking for the perfect beach read, look no further. Sweet, sassy, flirty, lots of great banter and low angst, with two adorable guys who find each other. And oh my, that ending. Swoon.

Made Mine – Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox

Confession: I haven’t read Made Mine yet. I will, trust me, but I wasn’t in the right headspace yet. I’m so excited about this book, because it’s like two of my favorite people had a baby together. I love their collab books, but a crossover between Made Marian and the Protectors? That’s almost too much goodness in one book…

Unwritten Law – Eden Finley

I loved the previous books in this series, and Unwritten Law looks hot as well. A case of mistaken identity with identical twins, where one of them tries to break of with his twin’s boyfriend…and ends up falling for him. Hell, yes.

Wading With An Octopus – Charlie Richards

Holy crap, this book has an octopus shifter! can anyone say tentacle porn? OMG, Wading With an Octopus is one of the fastest one-clicks I’ve ever made, haha. A new to me author and series, and how I hope this will be good!

99c Deals

Oh boy, we have some great 99c deals this week. Check these out! remember: download fast, because some of these won’t be there tomorrow.

Ever After – Riley Hart and Christina Lee

The cover of Ever After is gorgeous and who can resist a gay fairytale? Not me. Love blossoms when a handsome prince falls for his equally handsome valet. I wanted to read this when it was released, but never came around, so now’s my chance.

Action – Quin Anderson

This is a new to me author and I’ve never heard of Action, but it’s got porn stars. If you know me and have read my Ballsy Boys series, you know how much I love that setting! Plus, it’s a cute cover, so on the TBR pile it goes. For 99c not exactly a risk, right?

Remembering Love – Austin Bates

A paramedic and the man he saved fall for each other. Slight complication: the saves man has amnesia. And since the series is the “Accidental Pregnancy” series, I guess he has something else as well, haha. Remembering Love is a 99c deal and a new release from a well-known mpreg author, so on the TBR pile it goes.

Find You Out – Rachel Kane

This is a new to me author, but the blurb looks promising. Two men meet when one of them has a stalker, but both are keeping secrets. Find You Out is a new release and a 99c deal.


It’s a good week for deals, because we have some awesome freebies as well.

Truth And Betrayal – KC Wells

Truth and Betrayal is a recent release I featured just last month, and it’s already free now. that doesn’t happen often, so grab this fast. It’s a story of loss and mourning, and finding love again. I haven’t read it yet, but I love KC’s books, so I definitely will.

Going Home -Kris Ripper

I read another series by this author and really liked it, so I’ll give Going Home a definite try. The subject matter sounds like it may have some taboos and triggers (sex slavery in an alternate world), so read the blurb first, please.

Game On – Olley White

Game On looks like a cute, quick read. Perfect for a Sunday morning, haha. Two gamers finally meet after connecting online, but when one of them turns out to be a guy instead of a girl, can they still be friends…or more?

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