Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Jan 19)

Welcome to this week’s hot new releases, 99c deals, and freebies in gay romance! We have some wonderful books on the list this week, so yay!

All deals are valid today, Saturday January 19 in the US and most of the time the UK, but they may not be valid tomorrow or in all Amazon stores. Please check the price before buying!

This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading, so all personal recommendations from me. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.

New Releases

KISS Me Like You Mean It – Jacki James

The first books in our Valentine’s Inc. series have dropped! Kiss Me Like You Mean it is the story of a guy who thinks he’s straight and who needs a fake boyfriend to impress a potential client. But when he develops real feelings for the fake boyfriend, it turns out he’s not quite so straight. Sweet novella that will make you feel all happy and gooey, haha.

KISS Off – Michelle Frost

What happens when a grandmother arranges a matchmaker for her rough biker grandson? Well, the matchmaker and the biker fall in love, of course. Kiss Off is the second book in the Valentine’s Inc. series. More coming soon!

Four Ever – Sloane Kennedy

First of all, it’s Sloane Kennedy, which in itself is reason enough to buy. But second, this is a foursome, and those are so freaking rare (I know, ’cause I wrote one, haha). So grab Four Ever fast, because this will be such an emotional ride. Can’t wait to dig in this weekend.

How Not To Blend – Susan Hawke

How Not To Blend is Susi Hawke’s first contemporary non-mpreg MM romance, and it’s a blast. I’m about halfway in reading it, and it’s hilarious and sweet with all the feels. A single dad and doctor seeks advice from a drag queen/sexy barista when his son comes out as non-binary. I’m loving it!

Team Alpha Series – Susi Hawke and Crista Crown

If you’ve been looking to get the Team Alpha series (hot and sexy mpreg with macho alphas who are wolf shifters), grab this bundle of the first four books fast. That’s only 99c per book, a steal.

99c Deals

Rule 47 – Lynn Van Dorn

Rule 47 is a new release and a 99c book, because it’s a short novella. I usually don’t list those, but this one has hot daddy kink, so it was too good to pass up. Can’t wait to read this.

Free Fall Series – Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn

All three books in the Free Fall series are now 99c each. This is a wonderful series by two well-known authors(Nyrae Dawn is a pen name of Riley Hart). Book three, Paint the Stars, is my fave, an emotional slow burn featuring a demi-sexual character. But the whole series is well worth the read. Don’t forget to grab Touch the Sky and Chase the Sun as well.

Living Out Loud – Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn

The same authors as the previous one also have Living Out Loud on sale for 99c, which I also really loved. It’s a bout a guy trying to break free from his conservative background who reconnects with a childhood friend who shows him how to live out loud.

Beautiful Shame: Nick & Kyle – M. A. Innes

Beautiful Shame is one of those books that will open your eyes to how hot and sexy something can be, even if it doesn’t sound that way. It was the first book I read featuring humiliation play, and man, it’s sweet and good and perfect. Loved this book.

His Missing Pieces – M.A. Innes

His Missing Pieces is the first book in a series featuring the same couple, and it’s perfect and sweet age play. I loved Maddox and Bryan, and this is a great introduction into age play.

The Accidental Master – M.A. Innes

The Accidental Master is the first book in a series featuring the same three men: sexy dog trainer Jackson who inadvertently connects with two sweet guys, Cooper and Sawyer, looking for a Master. It’s a puppy play book, and it’s super sweet and fluffy. Loved it.

A Hundred Thousand Words – Nyrae Dawn

A Hundred Thousand Words is a wonderful, emotional new adult romance about a gay black college guy who falls for his best friend’s brother. It’s connected to another book that’s on sale, Living Out Loud, but both books can be read as stand alones.


Why I Left You – Colette Davison

Why I Left You is an emotional second chance romance that will have you root for the main characters from the start, but will make you feel all the things before the happy end.

Levi – Bailey Bradford

What happens when a cougar shifter meets a snow leopard shifter? Well, they have hot sex, haha. This is a new to me author but Levi looks like a fun and sexy read, so bring it on. The same author also has a bunch of books for free right now, so go to their Amazon author page to grab them all.

Green’s Thumb – Alexander Elliott

Green’s Thumb is a sweet romance between two somewhat older homebodies who want to find that special someone and embrace it when the chance finally arrives. Low-angst romance that will make you feel good.

The Pearl – Geoffrey Knight

The Pearl looks like a wonderful read, the story of two friends growing up in Australia and their journey to love. One of them is part Aboriginal, and I can’t wait to see how the author portrays that.

So Close – Ella Blake

The blurb of So Close seems to suggest a more taboo story than it is, I think, since it mentions two brothers and a friend. My guess is one of the brothers ends up with the friend, but I haven’t read it, so we’ll see.

Morning Madison – Ian Finn

This boxset has four MM romances with a fake boyfriend trope, from what I can tell. They’re all novellas, but totaling over 400 pages for free combined so that’s a pretty sweet deal. I don’t think Morning Madison will be free for long, so grab it fast.

Claiming his Mate – Aspen Grey

Claiming his Mate is a shifter mpreg romance from well known mpreg author Aspen Grey. When an alpha saves an omega from being rescued, they fall in love, but the omega’s old pack is hunting for him…

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  1. I read Why I Left You and it really stuck with me. I could really feel the pain of the characters. I highly recommend it!

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