Title Reveal Book Four in the Irresistible Omegas Series

If you’ve been dying for the next book in the Irresistible Omegas series, I have good news: it’s coming soon. I am working hard on the fourth book in this bestselling mpreg series, and I have a few details for you guys I’m ready to share.

Bray’s Story

The fourth book will be Bray’s story, and if you’ve read the first three books, you’ll know that this guy needs an attitude adjustment, haha.

You remember what Grayson, his dad, told Bray? “Bray, I swear to everything holy, I hope you’ll find your fated mate one day, and I hope he will bring you to your knees, you arrogant shit. You think that because you’re an alpha, you’ve got it all coming, but you’re dead wrong, kid. And I know you think you’re all that, going to the club where everyone falls at your feet, but you know shit.”

Let’s just say that Grayson had a prophetic eye when he told him this… Haha, Bray is in for a ride! Below is my visual inspiration for Bray. He’s hawt, right?

Bray Alpha's pride pic

Bray’s Mates

Bray pictured himself with a sweet, pliant omega who will carry his babies, but of course, that’s not gonna happen. Instead, he’ll get a stubborn, bossy beta and an equally stubborn and strong omega who will bring him to his knees.

Meet Kean, Palani’s beta brother. Palani’s mother often joked they could have been twins because they’re so much alike in characters. Who wants to take a bet this bossy beta is a match for Bray?

Kean Alpha's Pride pic

And then there’s Ruari, our omega. I won’t reveal his story just yet, but let’s just say he’s not impressed by the arrogant alpha. At all.

Ruari Alpha's Pride pic

Title Reveal

This fourth book will be called Alpha’s Pride, and the release date is planned for October 15th for now. I hope I’ll be able to make that work, because I have another book coming out next month, but I’ll share more about that in a next post.

I hope you guys are excited about this book as I am. I can’t wait for you to read it!

7 thoughts on “Title Reveal Book Four in the Irresistible Omegas Series”

  1. Excited?! Are you kidding?! I am like omgOMGomgyesYESyespleaseTHANK YOU!
    And seriously, thank you so much for this teaser! I had a shitty day (or a whole week) but now I am so looking forward to this I can’t stop smiling!
    Better start planning my work schedule to make some lazy days before October 15th to reread the first three books;)

  2. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the next book, too! I love the love stories of the MCs and their Betas/Omegas (I love all the genetic and political/social details you created in this world)… but I think I’m even more interested to see what’s happening with the over-arching story of genetic manipulation, the government, and the return of shifting powers. Great story line, Nora! (This series and the Ballsy Boys are two of my favorite series at the moment.)

    1. Thank you, so happy to hear this! I’m not making it easy for myself with all these plotlines, but I do love a suspense element in my romances…

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