Nora Reviews: Three Low-Angst MM Romances

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Every now and then, I’m in the mood for something entertaining, something that doesn’t have a whole lot of angst or tension. Especially after I’ve read a high-tension book, I wanna switch things up with low-angst MM romances. In case you’re the same, here are three low-angst MM romances I really loved.

Private Charter – NR Walker

Two men meet on a yacht, sailing along the Australian coast. One is the captain, the other an overworked about-to-crash guy in desperate need of a break. Sparks fly, and it results in a delicious romance with white speedos, tequila, and a lovely ending with all the feels. Private Charter is the perfect beach read if there ever was one.

Exercising the Exes- Jill Wexler

Two guys bond over their horrible exes and decide to go on a mission to exorcise all the demons their exes left behind. The result is a sweet, hilarious romance with all the feels and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. An added bonus are a bunch of super rude Canadian geese, and to this day, I can’t see geese without thinking of Exorcising the Exes.

Family Rules – Jacki James

An uncomplicated, sweet and sexy romance, Family Rules is the story of a man who is newly single, newly out, and looking for something permanent…when he meets a guy who’s sworn to keep to casual. I loved the friendships and relationships in this book, with some wonderful secondary characters who later got their own book. This whole series is lovely.

These are just three of low-angst MM romances I loved that came to mind. Which ones would you add or recommend?

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