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I’m working hard on the third book in the Irresistible Omegas series, called Beta’s Surrender. Over the weekend, I spent an hour or two brainstorming plot developments. I have a huge white filing cabinet in my writing nook, and right now, it’s completely covered in bright green post its with ideas for scenes. I could show you a picture…but then you’d see all these spoilers, so that’s not gonna happen, haha.

Instead, I’ll show you a little teaser…(it’s still unedited)

Teaser Beta’s Surrender

Palani swallowed back his emotions. “Did Enar show you the letter he got from the Ministry of Health?”

Lidon nodded. “Yeah. Motherfuckers suspended his medical license indefinitely.”

“He can’t fight it,” Palani said. “If he does, they’ll slap him with every violation he ever committed…and there’s quite a few, I would think.”

“Yes. They must have known for a while, at least some of it, but they waited until the opportune time to use it against him. He’s fucked.”

Palani leaned back in his chair. “What about Lucan’s remark, about Enar being able to practice on private property?”

Lidon pursed his lips. “Can you look into that? Make sure it’s true what he says and what the exact conditions are? I don’t want to mention anything to Enar unless we know it’s a realistic option.”

“I’m on it. But would you want that? Have him set up something on the ranch, I mean?”

“Yes.” Lidon’s answer was swift and definitive. “I’ll build him a whole damn clinic if I have to. Omegas need him. He’s providing something few others offer, so I’ll do anything to make that possible.”

Palani couldn’t help but smile. Lidon had such a big, soft heart underneath that macho alpha exterior. “You’re a good man, Lidon Hayes.”

Lidon’s eyes lit up. “Good enough to let me fuck you?”

Palani grinned. How a man that tough could look like a freaking puppy was beyond comprehension, but he did, his brown eyes all pleading.

“Vieno didn’t want to put out?” he teased.

“He’s in bed…resting. He just threw up his breakfast.”

Palani’s heart stopped. “He’s…?”

Lidon smiled. “It’s too early to test, according to Enar. But Vieno says he knows he’s pregnant…with my son.”

Palani thought his heart would burst with joy. “We’re having a baby…” he said slowly. “Vieno’s gonna be a daddy. Oh please, can I go see him? I just want to see him for a little bit. I promise you can do whatever you want to me after.”

Lidon stood up from his chair, then pulled Palani to his feet. “You know, every time I think I’ve figured you out, you do or say something that surprises me. I don’t think we’ve all realized how big your heart is, my beta.”

Palani melted against him, as always when his strong alpha held him. Lidon wasn’t generous with words, but when he was, Palani stored them inside like a treasure.

“I love you,” he said, putting his head against Lidon’s chest. “Every day, I love you a little more.”

“Same here. Now, let’s go see our omega. Enar’s with him to make sure he’s okay.”


14 thoughts on “Teaser from Beta’s Surrender”

  1. Ohhhhh that’s so freaking adorable! Cannot wait for this book, to catch up with the fab four and also for our new relationship!

    1. Awww … these men are so adorable together. All of them. The way that they so readily accept (or try to accept) their unique relationship and how they open their hearts to each other is nothing short of breathtaking. I am so looking forward to this next chapter in the story and to see what surprises life has to throw at our new “pack”. Knowing Nora, there will be a few! lol … #teampackhayes

  2. Dear Nora, Just finished the first two books of The Irresistible Omegas series. They were both great reads and I can’t wait for the Third installment. Suggested scenes 1) confrontation with Enars’ father; 2) Lindon gets so riled he turns into his wolf which triggers Palani, Enar, and Vieneo to shift as well. Ballpark when we can expect Beta’s Surrender?

    1. Yay, so happy you loved them! I’ll take your suggestions under advisement 😉 I’m hoping to release it sometime in July!

  3. Super excited for this book, I have to say I loved each Lidon, you make you him strong and lethal but loving to those he cherishes and he’s such a great character. This series is one f my favorites, anytime I run out of books to read, I bring up my kindle and reread Thais series.

    Any recommendations? Favorite M/M book, shifter, alpha/omega or any M/M, I need something else to read to tide me over till the next book.
    Thank you for the teaser and as always, excellent work!

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