Teaser from Alpha’s Pride

It’s teaser Tuesday, which means it’s time for another teaser from Alpha’s Pride… This fourth book in the Irresistible Omegas series is scheduled to release on October 15th, and you can read all about Alpha’s Pride here

Teaser Alpha’s Pride

Alpha’s Pride starts immediately after the ending of Beta’s Submission, and this is a snippet from the day after that last scene, written from Kean’s perspective (please note that this is unedited and fully copyrighted)

Palani took up position and spoke up. “Hey guys, thanks for joining us tonight for a pack meeting. It’s been an eventful day yesterday, I think it’s safe to say…”

Snickers and laughs rolled through the pack, and Palani grinned as well. “Eventful covers it nicely, I thought,” he joked, then turned more serious. “I’m sure you all have questions, as do we ourselves, so we’ll try to explain as much as we can and allow you to ask anything. But before we do that, we have something special to show you…or rather, someone special.”

The back door opened and Enar wheeled Vieno in, sitting in a wheelchair, holding his son. Kean’s “Aw…” joined in a chorus of similar reactions from the others in the barn. Vieno beamed as he held his son close, who was swaddled in a light blue blanket, only his red little face peeping out.

Lidon stepped forward, bending in to kiss Vieno, then gently took the baby from him, holding him with his face turned toward the pack. “Meet our son and alpha heir, Hakon Hayes.”

Kean loved how Lidon said “our”, even though everyone knew damn well it was his biological son and not Palani’s or Enar’s. But these four were a united front as they stood there, beaming with pride.

Then Grayson’s voice rang out. “In the days of old, the pack alpha’s heir was honored by the pack swearing allegiance to protect him. Please join me in renewing this tradition.”

Kean couldn’t get off the bench fast enough, and it was the same for everyone else. Once they stood, Grayson said. “Kneel for your alpha’s heir,” and as one man, they sunk down to one knee.

“Hakon Hayes, as our alpha’s son, we swear allegiance to you. We swear to protect you at all costs, and we would lay down our lives to keep you safe. We bless you with a full moon, a loyal pack, and a long life. To Hakon!” Grayson shouted.

Kean’s mouth opened without him realizing, and his voice joined the rest of the pack as they raised their voices in unison. “Hakon!”

When he rose again, he found his eyes teared up, and he quickly wiped them, a tad embarrassed until he saw others do the same. He couldn’t explain it, but it was like his soul recognized these traditions, like it knew what to do even though he’d never done this before. And what was even more amazing, was that he had meant every word of the vow that Grayson had spoken. He was willing to lay down his life for Hakon, and wasn’t that the strangest feeling ever? Sure, that tiny little baby was his nephew, but still. He’d never felt this deeply about anything in his life, and it would scare the hell out of him if it didn’t feel so right.

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  1. Darn it, I love Lidon’s men and yes I got all teary, can’t wait for this book! Thank you, Nora for sharing your books with us.

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