ShiMMer 2019

I just wanted to give a quick impression of ShiMMer 2019, the fabulous MM romance event I attended in Birmingham, UK last weekend. It was an absolute success for me, and I’ll definitely be back next time.

Bringing swag is always a bit of a hassle and challenge when you’re flying in, so a big banner wasn’t an option for me. But I think my set up turned out really well, and readers seemed to appreciate the swag I brought because I almost ran out of all of it.

ShiMMer officially started on Saturday with a big signing from ten till four, but we also had a pub diner on Friday or those who wanted. And Saturday evening, there was another optional dinner with entertainment. I sadly missed most of that, because standing all day had seriously aggravated an old injury and I desperately needed to rest it. But despite that, the whole event was a resounding success for me.

I loved meeting readers, many for the first time. It was so much fun to see the faces behind the Facebook names/profiles. Sometimes, all readers would have to say was, “I’m so and so,” and I’d be flying from behind my table to hug them.

And I made some new connections as well! A huge thanks to readers who had never read my books and took a chance on me. It always makes me so happy to hear afterward how much they loved the book of mine I recommended to them.

Connecting with fellow authors was good as well, some for the first time and others for a renewed contact. We so rarely see each other, and it’s always so much easier to keep connected once you’ve seen each other in person. I loved chatting more deeply with a few and got to know some new ones.

I loved the laid back atmosphere of ShiMMer and the time we had to chat with readers. Because it’s relatively small and intimate, it made for a lot of personal contact and I really appreciated that.

A big thanks to the organizers and till next time!

13 thoughts on “ShiMMer 2019”

      1. I’m certainly going to try! The photos looked fantastic. So glad to hear you had fun. Hope your one in Brisbane was just as good too. 😊

  1. It was a fabulous weekend and you’re right about it being relatively small and that’s what makes it so special! It gives you the chance to meet and chat with authors without feeling rushed and it really feels like being with one big family. It was so great to meet you!

    1. I completely agree. I loved having the time and opportunity to really hang out with you rather than just do a quick signing. I’ll be back next time for sure!

  2. ShiMMer is one of my favourite events and I was so happy you could attend. It was so good to meet you and I loved your swag. Thankyou also for taking the time to write the different little personalised messages inside each book. I can’t wait to hopefully see you again at the next one.

  3. You should have done an after photo as I think you had about 3 books left and your balloons, looked like the aftermath of a tornado 😂

    It was my first time at a signing and I loved it!! Was so unreal to actually see you in real life, kept staring at you in disbelief I’m sure you thought I was a weird stalker 😂 definitely going to the next one

    1. Haha, you stalk all you want, love! It was wonderful to meet you. And yeah, the aftermath was brutal, LOL. I did take a pic of my table “after” the event in Brisbane. It kinda looked the same, haha.

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