My Plan For 2018

‘Tis the season for planning and making goals, and I am no exception. I’ve sworn off New Year’s resolutions years ago, but I do make a yearly plan for world domination every year.

I gotta say that last year’s primary goal—I think I worded it as “finally publish a damn romance like you’ve been wanting for years”—did work out pretty well. As a matter of fact, I published three, so how’s that for over-achieving?

This year, the goal is to do more of that. Much more.

2018 plans

Two Confirmed Release Dates

Two dates are final already. On January 26th, No Shame, book four in the No Shame Series will be released. I’m super proud of my first series, hell, my first MM gay romances, and I’m really excited to finish this series well. You can catch up on the series with book one, No Filter, book two, No Limits, and book three, No Fear.  They contain a continuing story line, so you are here just in time to not have to wait for the next one!

A few days later, on January 31st, Rebel will be released—my collaboration project with K.M. Neuhold. It’s the first in our brand new series called Ballsy Boys, featuring a bunch of super hot, yet sweet porn stars. We have a free intro up for grabs if you haven’t checked it out already.

Other Plans

As for the books after that, I honestly haven’t decided yet. I have a few works in progress (WIPs) that I’m working on (you can always check the status of these on my Works in Progress page), but I haven’t decided yet in which order I will release and when exactly.

The thing is that as much as you can plan as an author, sometimes characters ‘talk’ to you when they’re not supposed to. Take Quentin and Mac, for instance, the two main characters of my current WIP. It wasn’t their turn yet, but they popped into my head and started giving me all these ideas…and so I stopped working on the manuscript I had planned to finish and started writing their story first. It happens.

The other thing is that life happens, too, and often when you don’t really have the time for it. I want to give myself a little more leeway by not planning too tightly, so I can actually breathe and you know, live. Relax. Travel a bit.

However, I promise you there will be new gay romance books from me this year. K.M. and I will be releasing at least two more Ballsy Boys books after Rebel this year, maybe more, and I have a bunch of books and plans I want to publish as well.

So stay tuned for the brilliant execution of my 2018 plan for world domination! (cue applause…)

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