Where Do You Get All The Ideas For Stories? (No Shame Series)

I think this is the question fiction writers get asked most often: “Where do you get all the ideas for stories?” My answer is usually a very short, but unhelpful: “Everywhere.”

It is true, though. I do get ideas from stories from everything and everywhere… Continue reading “Where Do You Get All The Ideas For Stories? (No Shame Series)”

7 Unique Struggles Authors Face

I’m not the type to complain, but in this post, I thought I’d share some unique struggles authors face. Seriously, there needs to be a self-help book on this…or some kind of support system. The struggle is real, people, I’m telling you.

1. Deleting Words

Part of being an author is self-editing and that means ruthlessly deleting words that don’t belong in our manuscript. When they’re empty filler words (my favorite seems to be ‘just’), that’s one thing, but sometimes we have to delete whole paragraphs or even entire scenes. Ouch! I’m telling you, that physically aches. Continue reading “7 Unique Struggles Authors Face”

My Plan For 2018

‘Tis the season for planning and making goals, and I am no exception. I’ve sworn off New Year’s resolutions years ago, but I do make a yearly plan for world domination every year.

I gotta say that last year’s primary goal—I think I worded it as “finally publish a damn romance like you’ve been wanting for years”—did work out pretty well. As a matter of fact, I published three, so how’s that for over-achieving?

This year, the goal is to do more of that. Much more.

2018 plans Continue reading “My Plan For 2018”

No Fear Is Released

No Fear, book three in the No Shame Series, has been released! Three down, one to go 😁

No Fear tells the story of Aaron and Blake. Aaron has recently accepted he’s gay, and it confuses him to no end as he tries to find his place in life. Luckily, there’s Blake, the stern jiujitsu teacher who takes him under his wing. It’s Blake who discovers that Aaron’s perceived arrogance is something else entirely, and who helps him accept and embrace who he is deep inside. Continue reading “No Fear Is Released”

FREEBIE ALERT: Grab the Ballsy Boys Prequel

I am super excited about a new series I’m co-writing with K.M. Neuhold called Ballsy Boys, featuring the hottest gay porn stars in LA. The first book in the series, Rebel, will be released on January 31st. You can find out more about Rebel here.

Ballsy coverFree Prequel: Ballsy

To whet your appetite for this sexy series, we released a free prequel\/intro called Ballsy. You can download it on Instafreebie. Here’s the blurb:

Meet the men of Ballsy Boys Productions— Rebel, Tank, Brewer, Heart, Campy, and Pixie— the hottest gay porn stars in LA. They seem like they have it all: fame, money, and lots of good times, but what about love?

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No Limits Has Been Released

The waiting for book two in the emotional gay romance No Shame Series is over! No Limits, the story of shy Josh and bossy cop Connor, released on November 26th. I hope you’ll fall in love with these two as much as I did…

No Limits is available on Amazon, including in Kindle Unlimited. You can find it here.

No Limits teaser Continue reading “No Limits Has Been Released”

59 reviews and a 4.5 Star Average for No Filter

It’s a little over a week since No Filter was released, and I’m honestly blown away by the response. When I wrote this story, I knew not everyone would understand the relationships between the main characters. The friendship Josh and Noah have, for instance, is one that defies description, but so is the budding friendship between Josh and Indy. And Noah and Indy are truly special in how they are together, yet open to each other’s needs. Continue reading “59 reviews and a 4.5 Star Average for No Filter”

What Reviewers Say About No Filter

The first reviews are coming in for No Filter, my debut gay romance, and here are some highlights:

“Wow! Just wow!! What an amazing story. Full of love, friendship and hot bedroom activities. Learning how to trust, how to live with reality and how to live a life without guilt. I was captivated by the first page to the very end! I can’t wait for book 2!! It’s so fantastic written, the understanding of the mind, the vulnerability and all the love!” Continue reading “What Reviewers Say About No Filter”

When a Dream Comes True…

I wanted to be a writer since I was fourteen years old. I still have them, the stories I typed on my mom’s typewriter, painstakingly fixing mistakes with that white stuff I can’t remember the name of. They’re adorable, filled with teen angst and hopelessly romantic events. I smile every time I read them, because they’re so sweet…and they were the very first beginning of my writing career. Continue reading “When a Dream Comes True…”