Nora’s Nook Celebrating 500 Members

My reader group on Facebook, Nora’s Nook, is celebrating 500 members this week. If you’re not already a member, join in the fun. We’re doing giveaways and contests and extra teasers from upcoming projects.

Celebrating 500 Members

I started Nora’s Nook even before my first gay romance came out, way back in September of last year, and it’s grown much faster than I had dared to hope. Connecting with readers is a part of being an author I really love, and Nora’s Nook makes that really easy. I’m super excited every time to see readers interact with me, but above all with each other. My goal is to create a community of like-minded people where we can hang out in a safe place and talk about books and life and whatever is on our mind.

We have a daily theme (Motivation Monday, for example, or Teaser Tuesday and Friendly Friday, where we have guest gay romance authors join us), but there’s also always some fun going on, with the necessary sexy shenanigans thrown in. Anyway, come join us if you haven’t already!

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