Nora Reviews: Four Sweet Gay Romances

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In this week’s edition of Nora reviews, I’m sharing super short reviews of four sweet gay romances I really loved. I’m the type of reader who appreciates gay romance across all subgenres and types. While I write steamy MM romance myself, I can really appreciate a slow-burn or a sweet romance.

Maybe I should explain what I mean by sweet, since not everyone may interpret this term the same. For me, a sweet romance is one where the sex scenes are relatively few, short or not described in much detail. Most of the times, sweet also means slow burn, so the characters don’t jump into bed right away but slowly get there.

Four Sweet Gay Romances

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, here are four of my favorite sweet gay romances.

Rock coverRock – Anyta Sunday

This story of two stepbrothers falling in love is sweet, angsty, heartbreaking, and perfect. It doesn’t let you go, even long after finishing this book. I love all of Anyta’s books (she’s my go-to author for slow burn), but Rock is my fave, I think.

Yanni's Story coverYanni’s Story by N.R. Walker

Yanni’s Story is not an easy book, but man, I loved it. I’d recommend reading the previous three books in the Spencer Cohen series first (which are also really, really good) and then dig into this one. It’s long and emotional, but so sweet and perfect. There’s a May-December theme and a little daddy-kink, but all super sweet and perfect. Do read the trigger warnings.

Bear Otter Kid coverBear, Otter, and the Kid – TJ Klune

I’ll admit that it’s debatable whether we can call this one sweet, since there’s a ton of things happening, and the book is super emotional and angsty, but…the romance is so sweet and the focus is definitely not on the sex. This series about a young guy who’s taking care of his little brother and gets help from the older brother of a childhood friend is phenomenal, truly. It’ll break your heart in the best way.

In the Middle of Somewhere – Roan Parrish

This slow burn romance has wonderfully complex characters, a perfect setting, and is beautifully written. In the Middle of Somewhere is the kind of book that you want to reread, just because you get so drawn into the story.

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