Nora Reviews: Recent Reads (June 21)

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I’ve been on a good reading kick lately, so I figured I’d share some awesome recent reads. As always, these are mini-reviews, so just a quick recommendation of why I loved these books.

A Collar for His Brat – R.J. Mornay

Skip this one if BDSM is not your thing, but if it is, you’re in for a treat. A Collar for His Brat is a continuing series that’s slow building and with more depth than I expected. There are three books out now and I’m hoping for many, many more.

Taxes and Tardis

This short and sweet read is in a completely different category. Sparks fly when an accountant meets an electrician in Taxes and Tardis, a classic N.R. Walker tale. The perfect summer beach read that will make you feel good.

Love, Never-Ending – Michele Notaro

I beta read for Michele and boy, her next book, Love, Never-Ending, is a good one. I loved this tale of three men finding their way to love, combining a second chance romance with a ménage. It’s sweet, sexy, and has all the warm and fuzzies. Loved it. It’s on pre-order and will come out June 29.

4 thoughts on “Nora Reviews: Recent Reads (June 21)”

  1. Hi Nora…I always love reading about books you recommend so thank you for doing it!

    I have a question for you about the RJ Moray books. I don’t usually enjoy novellas and short stories but there are three of these so far. Do they read like novellas or short stories or do they flow from one to the next? Is it the same story? Does this make sense? I’m very interested in them – they sound great – but ugh…my track record is that I don’t like short stories.

    1. Good question. The Boy Next Door is definitely a continuing story, not short stories. You basically have to see it as a long book published in several shorter books. I really don’t like that format, but the books are super good, so I’d go for it.

      The same is true for A Collar for His Brat, but…that story obviously isn’t done yet. Book three doesn’t end on a major cliffhanger, but it does end in the middle of the bigger story, so i think there will be more books. Hopefully, because they were really good… But if that bothers you, you may want to wait till the whole series is done.

      But both are full books in total and not short stories.

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