Nora Reviews: Recent Reads (July 12)

One of the advantages of traveling to Europe, like I did for a recent conference, is that you have plenty of time to read. I had two long flights and a hell of a lot of time in airports, so I read a ton. Here are some recent MM romances I read that I recommend!

Auctioned – Cara Dee

Auctioned is not an easy read, as it deals with human trafficking, and shows some of the horrors the main character had to endure. It’s quite shocking and brutal at times, but I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t realize this was not a stand alone when I bought it, but the story is definitely not finished, and there will be a second book in this series. I will be eagerly awaiting that one.

Love Comes After – Kate Hawthorne

I love me some threesomes, but they’re not always done well. Love Comes After was brilliant. The dynamic between Bennet, Aiden, and Chris is perfect, despite the fact that’s it’s messy and complicated. There’s hot sex, a ton of emotions, and enough feel good to make you all happy when you’re done reading it. Loved it.

Galaxies and Oceans – N.R. Walker

I’ve never read a book of N.R. walker that I didn’t like, and Galaxies and Oceans was once again so freaking good. It’s the story of a man who find the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship and finds new love with a man who lost the love of his life. I loved, loved, loved the way these two men met and related, and how they slowly became so much more. A lot of heart in this story, but some wonderful and sexy moments as well.

Axel’s Pup – Kim Dare

I can’t remember who recommended Axel’s Pup book to me, but it was probably because of the puppy play involved which I love. There’s also a wolf-shifter, BDSM, and a setting with with a motor club. But this book is anything but fluff as the combination of those elements may suggest. It’s a well developed world, where wolf shifters have it tough. And the slow, patient way in which Bayden conquers not just Axel’s body but his heart was mesmerizing. I loved it.

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