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I haven’t posted much lately, due to a conference I was attending, but I’m back! I thought it was time for another round of mini-reviews, and today, we’ll focus on some lovely daddy kink.

Now, daddy kink can mean different things, so in each review I’ll mention if there’s age play (one character “acting” like he’s much younger), ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers, meaning one of the characters wears diapers at times) or if it’s daddy kink without these elements.

Teddy and His Bear – Andi James and Lila Wilde

Teddy and His Bear is a super sweet, slow burn, yet sexy romance with an age difference (May/December…and you all know how much I love that trope, haha!) and daddy kink without age play or ABDL. Teddy and his daddy are the best, and I simply didn’t want this book to end.

My Kind of Man – AG Silver

My Kind of Man does have age play and ABDL, and it’s a sweet romance with instalove, though with some angst thrown in (in all honesty, I wasn’t a fan of that part, but I wanted to keep reading anyway ’cause the rest was lovely). If you love ABDL, you’ll really appreciate the extensive scenes with lots of daddy-ing for Michael and lots of playing for Callum.

Power Play – Cara Dee

Oh man, Power Play is so freaking good. There’s a lot more going on than mere daddy kink (no ABDL), like a character with some mental issues and challenges, a big age gap (older guy is a friend of the younger guy’s parents), some kinky sex, and all of it is so effing awesome. The best thing is that it’s on sale for 99c right now, as are many of Cara’s books, so grab it fast!

Father of the Groom – Silvia Violet

I really loved this instalove daddy kink romance that had a May-December theme as well. Two men meet at a wedding and have an instant connection. The story of Father of the Groom continues in the next book, After the Weekend.

And last but not least, if you love ABDL, make sure to check out M.A. Innes, who has written a lot of ABDL books like the Missing Pieces books (four books in total). I adore all of these!

PS: Did you know I have two books with daddy kink as well? Both are part of a continuing series, though. No Shame, book four in the No Shame series has daddy kink with one scene with age play, bot not ABDL. And Beta’s Surrender, book three in the Irresistible Omegas series, has daddy kink as well.

PS 2: My co-author K.M. Neuhold has a book coming out November 12th that has daddy-kink as well, Beat of Their Own Drum. I beta-read it and it’s amazing! Keep an eye out for that one!

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