Nora Merch is Here!

My awesome designer Vicki Brostenianc and I thought it would be fun to create some merchandise aka Nora merch for my brand and my books, so we came up with some awesome stuff. 

You can find everything on Customized Girl where I have my own store. We have this cool mug for instance:

Or a Pride tote:

And some really epic T-shirts:

What I love, is that everything is customizable, so you can choose a different type of shirt, or a hoodie, or use that same design for a bag. So come check out the Nora merch on Customized Girl!

PS “Nookies” refer to my reader group on Facebook, which is called Nora’s Nook, so my menbers are called “Nookies”. In case you were wondering, haha.

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