No Shame Audiobooks Are Coming

No Shame Audiobooks Are Coming

I’m happy to announce that the No Shame audiobooks are in production. I’ve found the perfect narrator for this series, Kenneth Obi. He’s also done the audiobooks for K.M. Neuhold and Shaw Montgomery/M.A. Innes, so he’s familiar with narrating gay romances.

Kenneth is working on No Filter right now, which is slow going as we’re figuring out together what all the voices should sound like. Plus, there are the not insignificant details of Indy pretending to be a woman, a couple of strong accents (Southern and Boston) and you can see why we’re taking our time to get it right. That also means I don’t have a firm date yet when No Filter will come to Audible, but I’m hoping for sometime in April.

I’m super excited about the No Shame audiobooks since I’ve had readers ask me about them. And yes, I’m also working on paperbacks!

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