Ignite Released and Reached #1!

I’m super excited to announce that my sci fi MMM romance Ignite released this week and has hit #1 in the LGBT science fiction category on Amazon (you can grab it here). More than that, the reviews so far are amazing, and that really made me happy.

I took a bit of a risk with this story, since not everyone likes science fiction. I myself have a love-hate relationship with it, since I love some aspects but struggle with the type of science fiction stories that are high-tech or more science-based. Ignite is neither, just to be clear. In fact, I’d call it sci-fi light, haha.

Ignite teaser

The setting of Ignite is a dystopian one, an alternative North America, where the US has split into three countries. In the Conservative United States, being gay will get you sent to a reintegration camp, and that’s where our story starts. Mack, Austin, and Tan are in the South Dakota Reintegration Camp, when a massive meteor shower throws everything into chaos.

They take the opportunity to escape, but when they discover it was the first stage of an alien attack, things get a hell of a lot more dangerous than they counted on. As they try to stay hidden not only from their own government but from aliens as well, they grow a strong friendship that slowly blossoms into more.

teaser ignite

The romance is a super-duper slow burn, but with plenty of sexual tension. In the next book, this will grow into a full-blown MMM romance. And I promise no harm will come to any of the main characters!

I know that reading science fiction may be a bit of a stretch for some of you. But I hope you’ll take a chance on Ignite. Multiple readers have told me they never read sci fi but loved Ignite! Read the glowing reviews and see if this would be a book for you…I sure hope you’ll give it a chance!

Ignite teaser

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