Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Sept 29)

Here’s this week’s list of hot new releases and the best 99c deals and freebies in gay romance. All these books are my personal, subjective choice, as this is not an ad or a paid list, simply books that appeal to me. Happy reading!

As always, double check to make sure the price is discounted before you hit that one-click button. Some deals may have expired or may not be valid in your Amazon store.

New Releases

Checking the new releases is always a bit of a mixed feeling, because I can get all excited about all of these books, and then a bit down because my TBR pile is already ridiculous, haha. And since I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks, I haven’t had as much time to read as I would like, so I’m behind on my new releases-reading. But I’ve told myself I’ll catch up…and these look too good not to grab!

45 and Holding – Jacki James & Jill Wexler

I can’t wait to dig into 45 and Holding, a romance featuring two forty-something guys. Not a May-December trope but a December-December one, though the idea of calling a forty-something person “December” is insulting, haha (I’m 44, go figure). Anyway, I’m expecting sweet romance and funny moments from these two authors, plus all the feels.

Change for You – Crystal Lacy

I love the silver fox on this cover, and when I discovered Change for You had a May-December trope mixed with a falling for the boss, I was in. Also, it’s set in Hawaii, which I love because I get to experience it vicariously, haha. As a bonus, the first book in this series is free right now (listed below with the freebies).

Don’t Let Go – R.Phoenix and T.N. Nova

I don’t think Don’t Let Go will be an easy, light read, but I also think it’s gonna be one I’ll never forget. A rock star and a graphic artist battle their own demons while falling in love. Contains BDSM elements (yay for that) and a realistic portrayal of mental illnesses. Plus, both of these writers are so good.

Greyson Fox – TL Travis

Another silver fox cover, haha! And damn, it’s gorgeous. Greyson Fox drew me in with the cover first, and after that, I got super intrigued by the reviews (the blurb is a little too generic to get much of a sense of the story). Greyson rises up from nothing into successful but is determined to stay alone until he meets Samuel and they begin a sweet and sexy ride together. Mind the trigger warnings on this one.

99c Deals

For just a dollar, you can easily try out some new authors and books! I’m always especially happy when books that are not in KU go on sale like this, and we have quite a few of those this week.

Grayson’s Enlightenment – Taylor Rylan

Grayson’s Enlightenment is the fourth book in the Honey Creek Den series, which I really need to start reading, ugh. It’s full of sweet romance, bear shifters, a suspense side plot, and babies (bear cubs!). This is meant to be read in order, so make sure to start with the first book.

Pillow Talk – Pandora Pine

Two men who are forced to rebuild their lives after scandals meet on a radio show in Pillow Talk. Of course, romance blossoms, but it’s a bumpy ride, as usual.

Wild – Adrienne Wilder

Buy this book. Trust me, just do it. Wonderful slow burn, set in the wilderness of Alaska, featuring a hot model and a hermit on the run. Intense, gripping, and a must-read. Wild is amazing. Convinced yet?

Valor on the Move – Keira Andrews

This was a one-click for me as soon as I read the plot: Secret Service agent falls for the President’s son. OMG, yes please. Plus, May-December. There is a sequel to Valor on the Move called Test of Valor, just fyi.

Unsteady – Melissa Collins

Unsteady is a new release at 99c, the story of two men who fell in love as boys and now try to find their way back to each other.

Pretend for Me – Ian Finn

I have a soft spot for the fake boyfriend trope, and  Pretend for Me is all about that. Rich guy asks his not-so-rich neighbor to play his boyfriends, and as a result, worlds collide and sparks fly. Yummy. Catch me – Beth Bolden

Catch Me if you can!

Don’t quote me – Jasper Swain

Don’t quote me is not your standard MM romance, but from what I can gather from the blurb and reviews, a more literary approach that paints a portrait of the main character and his life including a murder mystery. If you want to branch out a bit, this sure does look intriguing.


Crystal Lacy – Brave for You

A single dad and construction worker meets a handsome and kind pediatrician in Brave for You, a slow burn, sexy MM romance set in Hawaii.

High Lonesome – Tanya Chis

Three men are forced together in a snowstorm (yay, the forced proximity plot!) in High Lonesome. One’s a hermit, one’s an addict, and one is a spy. Go figure. Mind the trigger warnings for drug use.

Heart Trouble – DJ Jamison

LISTEN UP! Heart Trouble is not free today (Saturday), but it will be free (again) tomorrow (Sunday), so make a note somewhere to grab this then. Hot nurse falls for his patient, a journalist, but it takes them a while to get their act together.

Bedside manner – DJ Jamison

A doctor falls for his patient in Beside Manner, but of course, things aren’t as easy as that. The doctor can’t afford another scandal as he’s already being investigated for a scandal. But the attraction is too good to ignore. Duh.

Cops, Cakes, and Coffee – Sara York

Straight Up – JS Finley

Two men fall in love while in the Marines in Straight Up, but one of them runs. It’s not till they’ve both left and meet again that they can make things work. I hope.


Deep Magic – Gillian St Kavern

A fantasy MM romance featuring mermen, Deep Magic has adventure, a quest, suspense, fantasy elements, and of course the aforementioned mermen, haha. It has good reviews and looks intriguing enough to give it a try. First in a series, so not a stand alone.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, because my TBR list is outrageous, but I really look forward to this email each week. More new authors and books! Thank you thank you thank you Nora!

  2. I enjoy getting this email so much. You always introduce me to interesting stories and authors even though I’m deep in the TBR weeds.
    This week list is no exception. I will tell that Gillian St. Kevern’s Deep Magic is a terrific book. It has wonderful characters and a sweet romance mixed with a magical element. Thank you, Nora, for great recommendations.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! And thanks for confirming Deep Magic is a good pick. I got that feeling from the blurb and reviews, but it’s hard to tell sometimes!

  3. Marie Sexton has a good argument for calling it the “May-September” trope, unless we’re all really pining to match up 20-somethings with guys in their 70s. 😉

  4. Omg, I just one clicked like 6 books bc I know if your recommending them I’ll proba love them! This is so good & bad 🙈 thank you

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