Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Sept 1)

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We’re back! After a month-long break, I’m happy to be back with our weekly post with the best deals in gay romance.

All these books are my personal, subjective choice, as this is not an ad or a paid list, simply books that appeal to me. Happy reading!

As always, double check to make sure the price is discounted before you hit that one-click button. Some deals may have expired or may not be valid in your Amazon store.

New Releases

I missed a lot of great releases obviously in the last four weeks. I can’t list them all, but here are some I’m looking forward to reading or that I loved.

Flash Me – K.M. Neuhold

Okay, so technically, Flash Me is not released yet, but it’s on pre order and will come out Monday. I betaread this book and it’s so freaking good. It’s a story I’ve been waiting for, as Liam stole my heart in Going Commando. I was super excited to see a book with a transgender main character and it was done so well. Seriously, you need to read this book. It’s sweet and sexy and perfect and gives you all the feels.

Daddy Issues – Lynn van Dorn

I absolutely loved Damage Control, this author’s first book, and Daddy Issues is a sequel. In Damage Control, Ryan was an asshole, but in this book, we see why and get to know him, and boy, it’s quite the ride when he meets Marek, who dominates him in the best way. Daddy Issues is a complex, wonderfully written book with mild BSDM (no daddy kink, in case you wondered) and I highly recommend it.

The Enchanter’s Flame – Michele Notaro

One thing I admire about Michele (aside from her undeniable writing talent) is her willingness to try new genres. The Enchanter’s Flame is a paranormal romance with strong suspense elements as well. A cop discovers witches exist when he’s forced to work with one on a case involving murdered girls. It’s quite the ride and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Found At Sea – Jaclyn Osborn

The blurb of Found At Sea had me at pirates and mermaids. Seriously, who doesn’t want to read an MM romance involving pirates? Plus, I loved other books by this author, so I know it’ll be good. Added it to be TBR pile!

Looking Forward – Michael Bailey

I haven’t read Looking Forward yet, but I know I’ll love it. It’s an emotional journey to self love and love (friends to lovers and slow burn, yay!), according to the blurb, and I love this author’s writing style. Can’t wait to dig in.

99c Deals

We have some great 99c deals this week. Grab these fast because some may not last beyond today.

Half As Much – EM Denning

When a book has been called “Cumslut” for a long time until settling on a more Amazon-friendly title, you know what to expect, haha. Half As Much is a new release at 99c, but that won’t last long anymore, so grab it fast.

River Home – Elle Keaton

River Home is part of the Accidental Roots series, and if you haven’t read it, you really should. In this book, an FBI agent slowly falls for a man with a troubled past, while outside events threaten their relationship as well. A wonderful romance with suspense elements.

Carry and Drag – Michelle Frost

To celebrate the release of book two in this series (Take Down), Carry and Drag is now 99c. Grab it fast, because this is a great read featuring a tattoo artist and a power lifter who fall in love.

Loaded – Casey Ashwood

This is a new to me author and the reviews are mixed, but Loaded looks good enough to give it a shot for 99c. Two NYPD detectives fall for each other while working on a case. Friends to lovers and a first time gay.


There weren’t many freebies this week, but I have a few good ones for you guys.

Book Cover - Layover by Nora PhoenixBack to School MM Giveaway

First of all, if you haven’t grabbed the 30+ free MM books in this Instafreebie Giveaway yet, you’d better be fast ’cause it’s about to end! It includes a free new novella from me called Layover. Grab them here.

Meik & Sebastian: Obsessed – Quin Perin

If you’re in the mood for a quick and dirty read, Obsessed should be right up your alley. I love me some well-written smut and this certainly qualifies. Don’t expect much romance, but it’s still worth a read. Plus, free, can’t beat that. There are two more books in the series already.

Alpha Dragon: Nyve – Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

These are a new to me authors, but mpreg featuring dragons? Sign me up. As a bonus, Nyve also has an age gap, which is one of my faves. The blurb says it’s book two in a series, so you may want to read book one first.

Optical Illusion – Emma Jaye

Another new to me author, but this one looks intriguing. Sassy twink meets brothers best friend, who’s a cop. It has some suspense as well by the looks of it, so I’m sold on Optical Illusion.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Sept 1)”

  1. Welcome back! <3 I missed your weekly deals)

    Layover was so wonderfully sweet, thank you!

    The Enchanter's Flame was amazing! Like I-forgot-I-need-to-sleep-amazing XD

    And I am so looking forward to Flash Me! When I found out that Liam would get his own story I was so happy! Can't wait!

    1. Thank you! So happy you loved Layover. You’ll love Liam (I hope you’ve read it by now). It was so amazing, so sweet and perfect, and I learned more about the struggle of transgender people as well.

      1. Years ago I had a transgender friend. He had (and has even now) a great influence on me and my perception of people, who we are inside and outside and that we should respect and help each other and be open-minded. We lost touch and I can only hope that he has found peace with himself and happiness. So, yeah, Liam’s story was pretty emotional for me. It was amazing <3

        1. I loved this book so hard. I can imagine that having had a transgender friend, this hit even closer to home. She did such a phenomenal job narrating his struggles.

    1. Thank you! Honestly, Kyleen Neuhold and I haven’t had time to discuss it yet, that’s why I didn’t include it in the newsletter. But we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got more news!

  2. I missed the book offer in the 30 books, is there any way of getting them? I love all of your books and can’t wait for your next release because I’ve read all of your books now and I love the way you have a lot that are left with a cliff hanger. When is the next in the series coming of irresistible omegas coming out? I can’t wait to see what happens with them next.

    1. Oh, bummer. My book Layover will be available on Amazon soon, but I can’t speak for the other authors. I think a lot will be up on Amazon at some point, but that’s all I can tell you. And the next mpreg book will come out next mont, so not too long a wait!

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