Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Oct 6)

Here’s this week’s list of hot new releases and the best 99c deals and freebies in gay romance. All these books are my personal, subjective choice, as this is not an ad or a paid list, simply books that appeal to me. Happy reading!

As always, double check to make sure the price is discounted before you hit that one-click button. Some deals may have expired or may not be valid in your Amazon store.

New Releases

Let’s add to that TBR pile!  You’re welcome, haha!

Worth the Wait by Kate Hawthorne

A young man finds an online relationships that’s everything he’s been looking for in Worth the Wait, but will it still survive when it becomes a real-life thing? This one is at the top of my TBR pile right now because of the May/December combo with daddy kink. Can’t wait! EDIT: the author told me it’s not May/Dec, but I’m still gonna read the hell out of it, haha.

His Instant Family by Rheland Richmond

Shy and awkward Teo Wright, a brilliant young author, has met the man of his dreams in much older Michael, a widower, and father of three. I’ve always loved me a May/December romance (hello, there’s like four in today’s recs alone, haha) so His Instant Family goes on the list.

Center of Gravity by Neve Wilder

Can a grumpy accountant and a bootstrapping artist find their center of gravity together, or are they on a collision course to heartbreak? That’s the premise of Center of Gravity, and I’ve heard great things about this debut romance that also features hurt/comfort and…wait for it…an age gap, haha!

Akasha Sanatorium – K.M. Neuhold and Michele Notaro

So, I’m gonna be brutally honest here. I haven’t read Akasha Sanatorium and I never will, haha. It’s just too damn creepy for my fluffy, tender heart, since I really don’t do ghosts and scary stuff. BUT: these are two phenomenal authors, so if this is your thing, you’ll love it. Two brothers explore a haunted sanatorium and find a bunch of ghosts. Not a romance, though it has a romantic subplot.

99c Deals

Some great 99c deals this week. Grab these fast ’cause they won’t last!

Urgent Care by DJ Jamison


A doctor and a nurse meet years after breaking up…and the sparks are still there. But both have changed and the past has left scars, so can they find love again (well, of course they can since it’s a romance, but work with me here, haha). Add some lacy and silk fetish and you know you want to read Urgent Care.

Room for Recovery by DJ Jamison

A man wrestling with his identity after his coming out went all wrong is rescued by a man he knows well when he’s bullied. Sparks fly and you can imagine the rest when one of them is determined to stay in the closet. Room For Recovery is part of a series but can be read as stand alone.


Criminal Intentions by Cole McCade

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, check out Criminal Intentions. The first in a series, it’s about the partnership of a homicide detective who teams up with a partner he never wanted to solve a string of murders of young queer men. Featuring complex, ethnically diverse characters.

Father of the Groom by Silvia Violet

This was a wonderful, rather fluffy romance featuring a May/December romance and some lovely daddy kink. Father of the Groom is perfect for a rainy weekend, and there’s a sequel, too.

Tease by Avery Ford

Business rivals become much more in Tease, the third book in the Silver Lake series, though it can be read as stand alone. Throw in a dash of first-time gay, and this looks like a fun read. This is a new release at 99c.

Prince’s Gambit by C.S. Pacat ($1.99)

I don’t usually list $1.99 deals, but this one is rarely on sale, so I had to list it. The Captive Prince trilogy is a phenomenally written slow burn enemies-to-lovers tale set in a fantasy world. If you have issues with dub con and non con, skip this one. It’s not fluffy or for the faint of heart, but I love it. Prince’s Gambit is book two in the series.




It’s a rather short list this week, alas, but make sure to grab these two!

Jace’s Trial by JM Wolf

A musical prodigy and a Navy SEAL fall in love in Jace’s Trial but there’s one small complication: the SEAL used to date the young guy’s father. Nice! Kinda like a best friend’s dad, only your own dad, with of course a little May-December thrown in. Plus, great writing in this sweet and emotional love story.


Callum and the Cupids – Rita Curtis

A guy who approaches a dating company to earn some extra money gets more than he bargained for. This novella has sexy, snarky Cupids (of the demigods variety) and a whole lot of shenanigans.  Callum and the Cupids is perfect for a quick, entertaining read.

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  1. Hey hon, thanks for the great recommendations. Just a heads up; the book after Jace’s Trial is Adam’s Trial and is only 99 cents currently.

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