Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Oct 13)

Welcome to this week’s hot new releases, 99c deals, and freebies in gay romance! All deals are valid today, Saturday October 13th in the US and the UK, but they may not be valid tomorrow or in all Amazon stores. Please check the price before buying!

This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading, so all personal recommendations from me. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.

Alrighty then, let’s get started! I think this is one of the longest lists we’ve ever had, so brace yourself, LOL.

New Releases

We had a LOT of new releases this week that looked awesome. I couldn’t even list them all, so here are some of my faves.

From the Ashes by C.M. Valencourt

From the Ashes is the debut new adult romance from this author, and it’s an emotional tale of two friends who head out on a road trip after their friend dies. Except these friends have epic chemistry and had kissed once and then had a falling out, and I’m sure you can imagine how that road trip goes. Looks to be an emotional read with all the feels.

Clutch by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly

I kept following the progress on this book since the authors kept posting about it, and it already sounded awesome then. The fast that these are two of my fave authors helped, haha. Plus, dragon mpreg with snark. Do I need to say more? Clutch is at the top of my TBR list right now!

Elemental Magick by Jacki James

A guy who doesn’t believe in magic buys an old spell book and accidentally raises a demon. Seriously, that premise alone was enough to make me want to read  Elemental Magick, haha! Enter a more experienced witch who takes this baby witch under his wings, plus bad guys, plus a romance, and I’m sold.

Forest’s Hope by Taylor Rylan

Forest’s Hope is a classic Taylor Rylan mpreg with lots of knotting, babies, fated mates, and more. This new series is a spin off from the Honey Den Creek series, and it’s recommended you read that one first. The cover alone made me want to read this one, containing an alpha fire chief reluctant to mate and a confused omega.

The Man Inside Me by Sean Kerr

Set in Victorian London, The Man Inside Me is a rich, wonderfully written tale of a second chance at love for two men who burned brightly and faded, and are now trying to rekindle. With a captivating suspense storyline and a gripping immersion into another world, this is a must read if you like books that are a little different.

Demanding Discipline – Silvia Violet

This whole series that started with Father of the Groom has been sweet, sexy, and fun, so I can’t wait to dig into this one. A sassy brat, a Navy SEAL, daddy kink, pony play, hell to the yes for Demanding Discipline. I almost strained my finger how fast I one-clicked, LOL.

99c Deals

We also have a long list of 99c deals this week, so yay! Get downloading, but be fast, ’cause these might be gone tomorrow…

Before You Break – KC Wells and Parker Williams

The combination of these two authors is always awesome, and when I see BSDM club and gay for you/first time gay in a blurb, that always makes me happy. Plus, hot cops, haha. Before You Break should be really good.

Hearts Unseen by Andrew Grey

If you love Andrew Grey, Hearts Unseen should be a one-click, as it’s a classic Grey-story. A man used to using his good looks connects with a blind man, which leads him to approach this relationship in a completely new way. See below for the second book in this series.

Hearts Unheard by Andrew Green

The second book in the Hearts Entwined series, Hearts Unheard features a new couple, one of them being a man who lost his hearing due to an accident. Added complication: they’re boss and employee.

Sporting Chance – Alexa Milne

A schoolteacher and a pro ruby player meet in this romance set in Wales, and of course, they have to face some obstacles before their happy ever after. From the reviews for Sporting Chance, I gather this has a strong cast of supporting characters and the words kooky and kinky were mentioned, so I’m intrigued!

Surprise Delivery by DJ Jamison

A sexy doctor determined to stay single after losing the love of his life and a man who becomes a dad unexpectedly meet. Sparks fly, but things get complicated, of course. Surprise Delivery is a delightful romance, so the happy end is a guarantee.

Orderly Affair by DJ Jamison

An orderly who wants to explore his newly discovers bisexuality hooks up with a geeky lab tech in Orderly Affair. The question is if their connection is enough to last. The answer is of course yes, considering it’s a romance, but work with me here, haha.

Five Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue

I love this author, but I haven’t read this series of her yet, which is a paranormal one featuring “enhanced humans”. Yes, please, haha.  Five Minutes Longer combines hot romance and suspense by the looks of it, plus FBI agents. You guys should know by now that’s a yes from me, LOL.

Whiteout by Ann Grech

A pro snowboarder who thinks he’s straight falls for a guy he meets when ending up in New Zealand by accident. Whiteout is the first in a series of three books with the same character, so I’m guessing there will be a cliffhanger. Just as an FYI.

Dance With Me – Ann Grech

Same author as the previous book, but a different title. Dance With Me is the story of a cruise ship captain who falls in love with a dancer on board. Looks to be a mix of May/December and a little falling for the boss, and I have to admit, I’m in.

My Only Sunshine by Rowan McAllister

If you like rugged cowboy romances, My Only Sunshine should be your thing. Troubled rancher meets equally troubled young man, and sparks fly, but the rancher’s family isn’t happy with him being gay, so what will they do? Well, fall in love, of course. This is a new release at 99c.

Opposing Briefs by Ian Finn

Opposing Briefs is an enemies to lovers, opposites attract, coming out for you romance featuring two lawyers. This is a new to me author, but he also has a freebie available (see below) if you want to try the writing first. This is a new release at 99c.

Christmas Heat by Liam Kingsley

Yay, the first holiday romance is here! Christmas Heat is a classic mpreg story featuring an omega and an alpha who become roommates, then hook up, then one of them ends up pregnant (I’ll let you guess which one), and then fumble their way to a happy ever after. Bring it on! A new release at 99c.

Letting Go by Ashton Cade

This is a new to me author, but this blurb looked good! Brother’s best friend, small town dynamics, big meddling family, former sports star, and what looks to be a bit of a bad boy reformed trope. Yup, hitting all my buttons, so Letting Go goes on my TBR pile.

A Dangerous Dance by Davidson King

A Dangerous Dance combines suspense and romance with sexy times, as two men who can’t stand each other have to team up to protect someone they like and respect. This is the third book in the Haven hart series, and while it can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the previous two books first.


Here are this week’s freebies. Please make sure they’re still free and available as freebie in your Amazon store before buying!

City Boy by AE Wasp

I loved City Boy, the sexy and sweet romance between a pro hockey player and an older man, a farmer. Their worlds couldn’t be more apart and yet they connect. First time gay, May-December, all the ingredients for a wonderful book. Highly recommended…and free!

Noah’s Song by Jaclyn Osborn

Noah’s Song is a lovely, wonderfully written YA romance between two outcasts who find friendship and love with each other. Highly recommended.

Sing for Me by Ian Finn

It’s a new to me author, but I have a weakness for enemies to lovers stories, so I’ll grab Sing for Me and try it. It’s a super short novella, FYI.

Building Bonds by Morticia Knight

A new to me author, but the blurb of Building Bonds looked intriguing: a sub who doesn’t realize he’s a sub and a Dom who decides to show him what he’s missing. Well, let’s be honest, this book had me at BSDM club, haha.

The James Dean Vintage by Jess Whitecroft

A combination of opposites attract with the fake marriage trope, The James Dean Vintage sounds like it’s right up my alley. Great reviews, too.

Laws of Attraction by Celia Fay

A new adult/coming of age MM romance from a new author, but Laws of Attraction looks interesting enough to give it a try. First in a series.

Cover Me Box Set by LA Witt

Three romantic thrillers free…from bestselling author L.A. Witt. If you need more than that to download the Cover Me Box Set, there’s something wrong with you, LOL. Just kidding. This is a great deal, though, so grab it fast.

Green’s Thumb by Alexander Elliott


If you’re in the mood for a quick, sweet, low-angst read, Green’s Thumb looks like a good choice. It’s got mature characters who fall in love, all very civil, haha.

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  1. Thank you for all the freebies and sale books. I live in New Zealand, and find a lot of times, when a book in on sale, or free, they aren’t for me. Why is that?

    1. I know, and it sucks. Often when authors do promotions on Amazon, we can’t choose the option to run them in all Amazon stores, so they’re only valid in the US and the UK. Totally unfair, I know. Sadly, not something we always have control over.

      1. I received an anonymous comment on this, which I won’t approve, because I don’t do anonymous comments, but the gist was that I’m lying because we “can log in to each site and change the price manually”, according to the commenter, “but authors can’t be bothered.” This is not true. First of all, I never said I can’t change the price in other Amazon stores. I said Amazon doesn’t allow me the option to run promotions in all stores, meaning automatically. Big difference. Amazon explicitly states that you can only run Kindle Countdown deals in the US and the UK. This means that if I wanted to change the price of a book in all Amazon stores, i would have to manually change it in maybe twenty stores (I’ve lost count how many there are now). And by the way, I don’t log into every store, there’s one central account for that, so you’re mistaken on that as well. It’s not like I have an account on Amazon Australia, for example. There are problems with changing prices manually, however. The first is that I would have to calculate what my promotion price is in each currency, since Amazon doesn’t do this automatically unless I change the price manually in all stores at the same time, including US and UK. However, changing a price manually is something else than running a promotion, according to Amazon. If I run a promotion, I still get normal percentage of royalties, just over a lower price. If I lower the price manually, all of a sudden I go from 70% to 35% royalties and that’s a big difference, even on a $1.99 or $.99 promotion. If I do somehow calculate all the discounts manually and change them for all the stores except US and UK, I also have to change all of them back. Manually. That means doing it all again. An added complication is that every time you change something, including a simple price change, Amazon can do an extra check on your book and unpublish it. I’ve had that happen to me twice and it took over 48 hours to get the book back online. So no, I’m not lying. We can’t run these type of countdown deals outside the UK and US. We could lower prices manually but indeed, many of us chose not to because it is a major hassle and a ton of work with lots of risk. Some author do choose to lower prices manually in certain markets, for instance in Australia, but this is not automatic, and usually, it means other countries don’t have that same deal, so readers in those countries could complain (Germany, for example, also a big market, or Canada). I agree that it sucks, but once again, that part is Amazon policy, not something we choose as authors. Lastly: I only list deals from authors here, so I’m not responsible for the choices they make in their pricing. I would think that was obvious.

    2. i have the same issue as i live in aus. sadly i just have to shrug and move on. i dont understand why some are available and others arent but who knows why amazon is like it is???

      1. I know, and we as author are bummed about this as well because we’d love our promotions to be available everywhere. But yeah, the ‘Zon does what it wants, sadly.

        1. thank you for taking the time to reply and try to explain the unexplainable(i.e the workings of amazon). please do not think, for one second, that i for one attach any blame to the authors for pricing. i know that you have little to no control over it.

          1. Oh, this wasn’t aimed at you, but at someone else who left two anonymous comments that I deleted, accusing me of lying when I said we can’t run promos in other countries. I figured I’d explain a little so readers would understand what a hassle this is for us as well.

  2. Hello Nora,
    I don’t know how you do it, writing your amazing stories and finding all those great new books, deals and freebies. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Nora,
    My Kindle has gotten so heavy from all your great recommendations. I am completing several of my series sets with your help.
    Thank you for saving me some money.

  4. For those commenting about deals unavailable in Australia, I am also Australian and spoke to an Amazon rep about this. It is possible to change the store you order from to the US store. There is an option to to do this in your settings. You can also change back and forth from Amazon US to Amazon Aus. I find this useful when I win gift certificates etc. anythingbin the Australian store will be more expensive because of the conversion rate and taxes.

    1. i was aware you could do this but sometimes its just a lot of faffing about just for one book.as for the price…i know of an author who’s pb’s are being sold for over $20au. thats not conversion rate,thats amazon,i dont blame the author for the price btw.

    2. I am also an Aussie and use Amazon US only. I still don’t get a lot of the deals but it is what it is… I’m just happy for the ones we do get & if I want a book I pay full price. Authors need to eat too..

  5. I love this list! Every week is like a visit from the book fairy! Thank you very much for sending this out weekly! We appreciate it

  6. I look forward to this list every week. I have found some great new authors from this so thank you so very much for the time you spend putting it together.

  7. You are an AWESOME writer…you are an auto-buy for me before I even read the book blurb…I love the emails you send out and the deals on authors….. I can’t wait to read the 4th book and
    the one coming out in 31st…there is not many that I can find in the dystopian world with gay MC.

    Thank for all you do!!!

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