Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (June 23)

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It’s time for our weekly deals post. As always, I’ve tried to list free MM romances, 99c deals, and hot new releases below. This is not a complete list, but simply books I thought looked interesting. Please check prices before buying, as deals may end suddenly or are not available in all Amazon stores.

Let’s get started!

New Releases

Here’s a completely subjective list of some new releases I’m excited about:

Something About You – Riley Hart

I love Riley’s books, so I’ll be diving into Something About You asap. I love reading about ordinary guys who don’t have a “hero job”, so this sounds right up my alley. Also, major points to Riley for featuring an interracial relationship. That may not sound like a biggie, but it really is.

Unexpected – M.A. Innes

I’m always happy when M.A. Innes/Shaw Montgomery has a new book out. Unexpected features age play, a kink this writer is well known for, and something I love to read about. Can’t wait to dig in.

Only Keep You – JD Chambers

I’ve loved the previous books in this series, and when I heard Only Keep You featured puppy play, I was immediately sold. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I sure will.


99c Deals

Here are this week’s best 99c deals:

By The Currawong’s Call – Welton B. Marsland

This is a historical MM romance set in Australia in 1891 featuring a priest who falls in love with a police man. I’ve heard great things about By The Currawong’s Call, so this was a one click for me, also because of the unique setting.

Just Be You – M.E. Parker

Just Be You is a relatively new release from a new author that combines a first time gay/gay for you theme with a brother’s best friend, which I always love. It looks good enough to give it a try.

Mark Cooper versus America – J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry

First off, bonus point for an original title, haha. Mark Cooper versus AmericaΒ  is about two students from rivaling fraternities who get the hots for each other. Things get complicated with a little kink thrown in from what I understand, some cultural issues (one of them is an Aussie) and more.

On the Ice – Amy Aislin

If you love sports romances, grab On the Ice, a hokey romance with wonderful reviews. A young player who wants to make it to the NHL meets a man who has, and sparks fly.

Heroes for Ghosts – Jackie North

Oh, an MM time travel romance, yay! This is a hard one to pull off well, but the reviews fro Heroes for Ghosts look promising. A soldier from WWI meets a present day man…

Creative Process- Jodi Payne

A writer meets a musician in Creative Process, and they find out they have a lot in common. But it’s hard when their creative processes demand first place, so will they find a way through this? I’m intrigued.

Exploration – Quinn Ward

I’ve mentioned this lovely, well written book before. Exploration is the story of two men who explore gentle kink…and discover that domination and submission may be different than what they thought. Super duper mild kink.


There are some awesome MM romances for free this weekend. Grab them fast, and don’t forget to double check the price before you click that buy button…

Our Reunion – Harper Logan

If you love second chance romances, make sure to download Our Reunion. Two men meet again, years after high school, and discover they’re a perfect match this time around.

Whisper – Garrett Leigh

I absolutely love garret Leigh’s books, so every time I see one free or for sale, I immediately grab it. This week, it’s Whisper, the second book in the Skins series, and features a man who needs a break and a cowboy who is everything he never knew he needed.

Why Love Matters – Jay Northcote

I usually only feature full books, but Why Love Matters deserves a mention, even though it’s a short novella. Jay Northcote is a wonderful writer, and this book is a great way to be introduced to his style if he’s a new to you author. It’s about a man with a fear of physical contact who takes part in a cuddling workshop. Now tell me that doesn’t sound intriguing…

Voyageurs – Keira Andrews

Keira Andrews writes (amongst other subgenres) historical MM romances, and this week, one of her older books, Voyageurs, is free. It’s a novella set in 1793 in the Canadian wilderness. Yes, please, haha.

Winter Chill – Aria Grace and JJ Hunter

Two new to me authors, so what better way to see if I like their style than with a freebie? Winter Chill features some of my favorite tropes: friends to lovers, first time gay, and forced together by a snow storm. Yeah, baby!

Lush in Lace – AJ Ridges

Here’s another new to me author, but I love the premise of Lush in Lace: enemies to lovers combined with gay for you and a little kink thrown in the mix. I’ll give this one a try for sure.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (June 23)”

  1. “Just Be You”, by M.E. Parker is a must read for the romance lover in all of us. What a delightful novel of childhood friends, beautiful music, self discoveries, and so much more. Low angst, hot sex, and a HEA. A new author to me, I found the novel very well written, with a great plot. I fell in love with these two men, right from the start. πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

  2. By The Currawong’s Call is marvelous. I read it last year, and kept recommending it to everyone. It is moving and engaging, and I just loved it.

    1. Thank you for sharing that! Yeah, I’d heard fab reviews as well, so I bought it myself. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. I’ve read all of Aria Grace’s Men of the Vault series..they are pretty good so I grabbed The Winter Chill up.
    Thanks Nora!

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