Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (June 2)

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Let’s see what deals we have this week for new releases, 99c deals, and freebies in gay romance. As always, make sure to check the price before buying as these deals don’t last long and may not be valid in every Amazon store.

New Releases

Every week, many new MM romances are released, so I can’t list them all. I list the ones I read and loved, or the new arrivals that appealed to me for whatever reason. It’s a completely subjective list!

The Necromancer’s Reckoning – SJ Himes

It’s been a long, long wait since the previous book in the series, but it was well worth it. Hot damn, this series keeps getting better. SJ Himes is a phenomenal storyteller, and her plotting is unique and intricate. The Necromancer’s Reckoning has romance, intrigue, action, magic, everything you want and then some. Make sure to read the previous books first…and the first one is on sale! (see below)

Challenge – Quinn Ward

I enjoyed the first book in the Kinky in the City series, which was well-written and had a lot of heart, well-developed secondary characters, and a little kink. Challenge is on my TBR pile as I’m curious to see where this story will lead.

The Alcove- Rosalind Abel

This is a series that popped up on my radar a whole back, but I haven’t gotten into it yet. A few friends recommended it to me, so on this list it goes. The Alcove is the seventh book in the series, and it’s getting great reviews. No wonder, with a bodyguard trope and some suspense thrown into the mix.

Owl’s Slumber – Nicky James

I recently read Love Me Whole by the same author and after that, I was a Nicky James fan. That book was so. freaking. good.  Owl’s Slumber  is about a man with an extreme sleep phobia, and with just that tidbit, I was hooked. Can’t wait to read this one (I have a few beta reads that take priority right now but this is high on my TBR pile after that!)


There were not a lot of freebies this week. Sure, there’s always something free, but I don’t promote any scammers, book-stuffers, authors who are known to break the rules in other ways, or simply crappy books.

To give you an example, I saw multiple books for free from a new to me author called August Davies. The covers look decent, but if you look him/her up on Amazon, you see all titles have been released in the last month, there are only two reviews and both are one star, mentioning either book stuffing or horrible quality (apparently, M/F books sloppily turned into MM). That’s why I always do a little research before recommending books. Tastes differ, but quality remains the underlying demand.

7 – Adrienne Wilder

I haven’t read it yet, but I love, love, love this author. The Bound Gods series from the same author is like crack so addictive, and another book, In The Absence of Light, was one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. Plus, 7 is free, so hello new book on my Kindle.

Buzz – E Davies

A freebie from a well-known and loved author. Buzz is the first book in the Riley Brothers series. It’s a sweet, low angst gay romance featuring a former hockey player and an art curator, trying to make a new start together.

99c Deals

The Necromancer’s Dance – SJ Himes

If you’re lucky, The Necromancer’s Dance is still free because it was for a little while, but if not, it will be 99 cents. This is the first book in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer series I was raving about above, so grab it fast!

Borrowing Blue – Lucy Lennox

One of my favorite fluffy gay romances is only 99 cents right now. I love this lighthearted romance that combines sweet, funny, and sexy all in one adorable package. Borrowing Blue is he first book in the bestselling Made Marian series.

Born Again Sinner – Daryl Banner

I liked Football Sundae by the same author and Born Again sinner is set in the same town. It features a wounded soldier and his not-out-of-the-closet preacher’s son caregiver. I love me some hurt/comfort, so I’m definitely interested to read this one. It’s a new release and a 99c deal.

A Right Royal Affair – Helen Juliet

This is a new to me author, but the blurb of hits all my buttons: hurt/comfort but with a prince thrown in the mix…who is bisexual. Sign me up. Another new release and a 99c deal.

My Highland Cowboy – Alexa Milne

This is another new to me author, but two men meeting on a dude ranch in the Scottish Highlands? That sounds super intriguing. Grab My Highland Cowboy here.

Dim Sum Asylum – Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford is a phenomenal writer and Dim Sum Asylum is on sale right now for 99c…and it sounds like a wild ride with fairies, dragons, and a whole lot of fun and action. It’s only for sale at Dreamspinner Press, so head on over there to grab it. EDIT: It’s also 99c on Amazon, grab it here.

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