Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (June 16)

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We have some awesome deals this week for you! If you’re looking for great deals on gay romances and some hot new releases, keep reading. As always, make sure to check the prices before buying as not all deals may be valid in all Amazon stores, and some end quickly.

(Note: I usually use global links that link to your local Amazon store, but I still have issues with the app I use for those, so all links are to the US store this time. Sorry!)

New Releases

I have spotted some awesome new releases this week! Here we go.

Work Rules coverWork Rules – Jacki James

I had the privilege of beta reading Work Rules, and I love it. It’s a feel good, low-angst romance with a perfect mix of sassy, sweet, and sexy. Make sure to read Family Rules, the first book as well, though both can be read as stand alones.

sweet surrender coverSweet Surrender – A.T. Brennan

I have a weakness for main characters who are flawed and a tad broken, and Sweet Surrender hits all my buttons. One of the main characters has profound hearing loss and a traumatic past, and it hits you right in the feels. I love this whole series (all books can be read a s stand alones), but I think this may be my favorite so far.

denim coverDenim – K.C. Wells

I love the Material World Series, and Denim looks like another epic read. Two ordinary guys fall in love…what’s not to love about that, especially when one of them is a bear. I love me some bears!

tangled up in you coverTangled up in You – Jaclyn Osborn

Can’t wait to read this second chance romance from this phenomenal writer. Tangled up in You is about childhood friends who became lovers, then lost each other…only to reconnect years later.


Last week, I had zero, but this week we have some awesome books for free. Check out the books below.

Scars coverScars – Avery Ford

Scars is the first book in a well-loved series and it’s free right now. I have a weakness for men with scars (both literally and emotionally) and this is a fantastic read.

hush coverHush – Tal Bauer

If you like romantic suspense in the form of a well-written, nail-biting political thriller, Hush is a not-to-miss book. You know what else I love? It’s well over four hundred pages…I love big books and I cannot lie, LOL.

finding finn coverFinding Finn – Kiki Burelli

Finding Finn is the first book in Kiki Burelli’s Wolf Mate series. Grab this one fast, mpreg lovers!

99c Deals

point of contact coverPoint of Contact – Melanie Hansen

Point of Contact had been on my radar for a while, but since it’s not in KU, I had waited, hoping for a deal. And here it is for 99 cents. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it, because there’s something about this premise of a man who grieves for a lost love only to find love with someone else that really speaks to me. Plus, military guys, yay.

class action love coverClass Action Love – Peter Styles

Peter Styles is a new to me author, but Class Action Love is his new release at 99 cents, so that seems like a great opportunity to try him out. Two men find each other in the board room after a one night stand, trying to negotiate a deal. Sounds like fireworks to me.

Tempting Cupid coverTempting Cupid – Ashe Winters

Tempting Cupid is a wonderful, sweet read about an office romance that was supposed to be a one night stand, but grows into much more. A new release at 99 cents.

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  1. Totally off the subject of books, but my husband has wrist issues and he finds if he wears a brace at night that keep his fingers from curling and keeps his wrist straight it really helps. Good luck with your issues!

    1. Yeah, I wear a hard brace at night and it’s been helping a lot. I also have a softer brace that I can use during the day when typing, but I really have to get used to it as it slows me down considerably…

  2. Point of Contact by Melanie Hansen, great choice, have tissues on hand because it’s a tearjerker. Enjoy!

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