Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (July 28)

We have great deals for you guys this week! Some exciting MM romances are free this weekend, we have some new releases that look awesome, and there’s a bunch of deals that make it feel like Christmas in July (literally, haha), so let’s get started.

All these books are my personal, subjective choice, as this is not an ad or a paid list, simply books that appeal to me. Happy reading!

As always, double check to make sure the price is discounted before you hit that one-click button, as some deals may have expired or deals may not be valid in your Amazon store.

New Releases

We have some exciting new releases this week…including my own, haha.

Heart – K.M. Neuhold and Nora Phoenix

Of course I’m starting with Heart, the third book in the Ballsy Boys series. If you love sexy MM romances with heart and all the feels, this series will be right up your alley. Heart is a hot porn star, but he’s determined never to fall in love again…until he meets cute nerd Mason and sexy parole officer Lucky.

Brave for You – Crystal Lacy

Brave for You is the debut MM romance from Crystal and it looks so good. I haven’t read it yet, but I heard it’s a wonderful, sweet and sexy friends to lovers romance, so make sure to check it out. It’s set in Hawaii, so bonus points for an awesome setting.

All Or Nothing – Macy Blake

Reverse harem is super popular in MF but I haven’t sen many MM variations of it. Well, All or Nothing qualifies and it’s a supernatural tale to boot, so guess what’s on my Kindle for this weekend. It’s the debut novel of this new author, and I can’t wait to dig in.


99c Deals

Silver & Black – Tyler May

A rich CEO and a not-so-rich barista fall in love in this gay mystery, but that love comes at a price. I love it when romances have a dash of suspense, so I’ll be reading Silver & Black for sure.

Love in Spades – Charlie Cochet

If you need to see more than the author’s name to grab this deal, you’ve clearly never read any of her books before. Her THIRDS series is epic and I loved Love in Spades (first in a new series) as well. Romantic suspense at its best.

Fire and Flint – Andrew Grey

You can’t go wrong with his prolific writer, and while I haven’t read Fire and Flint, I’m sure it will be good. Two men fall in love as they take it up against a dirty judge, but this may come at a high price.

The Isle of Where? – Sue Brown

A steep discount on this Dreamspinner romance by Sue Brown. The Isle of Where is the first book in  a series and tells the story of a man grieving for his best friend and fulfilling his wish to visit the Isle of Wight, where he meets a man who will change his life.

On Duty – A.R. Barley

This is a new to me author, but I have a weakness for first responders, so this romance between a tough firefighter and a paramedic sounds with a little suspense thrown in is right up my alley. On Duty is not in KU, so this is a great deal.

Jace’s Trial – JM Wolf

To celebrate the release of his new book Adam’s Trial, the author has out the first book in that series on sale. Grab this fast, because this won’t last long. Jace’s Trial is about a Navy Seal who loses his fiancé and then falls in love with his fiancé’s son.

An Unconventional Courtship – Scotty Cade

This is a new to me author, but I love falling-in-love-with-the-boss stories, so this looks good. An Unconventional Courtship is about a closeted CEO and his assistant who develop much more than work-feelings for each other. Yes, please.

Always Him – Ann Grech

If you wanna get in the right spirit for the holidays already, here’s one for you. Always Him is a short holiday-themed romance featuring a man who falls for his stepbrother. I love me a little taboo, so yes, please.

Boy Toys – A.E. Wasp

What is up with all the Christmas novellas, haha? Here’s another one for you: Boy Toys by the always phenomenal A.E. Wasp. As always, it’s ice hockey themed and features a guy who falls for his best friend’s little brother. I love how the blurb describes it: a heart-warming Christmas story featuring the inappropriate use of a Santa suit, sibling bribery, and ninety separate instances of the f-word. 



Merge Ahead – Tanya Chris

Be fast in grabbing this one, as it will only be free on Saturday. Merge Ahead is about two men, one who is about to lose his job and the other who is responsible for that. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and yet…

If the Seas catch Fire – LA Witt

A mafia-plot with plenty of action and a steamy romance thrown in. If the Seas Catch Fire is not for the faint of heart, according to the reviews, LOL.

Omega Stolen – Susi Hawke

The queen of mpreg is celebrating a year in publishing this weekend and to celebrate, Omega Stolen, her very first book is now free. This is a must read for all mpreg lovers. Grab it fast!

Snapshot – Reegan Ellis

This is a new to me author, but the premise of Snapshot sounds intriguing. An actor gets outed by the media and then falls in love with a man in the small town where he’s filming…a man who wants nothing to do with the media. Sounds good!

The Sergeant – Christa Tomlinson

For all you BSDM and kink lovers, this will be right up your alley. The Sergeant is a bad ass, long ass (143k words!) romance between two SWAT officers with plenty of kink, steam, and emotions.

Juggernaut – Amelia C Gormley

Juggernaut has been sitting on my Kindle for a few weeks through KU, so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it was free. It’s not your typical MM romance, but rather a dystopian romance, so make sure to read the blurb. It’s the first in the three-books Strains series.

Bound To Two Bears – Kel Ex

This story of a guy who gets dumped by his fiancee and spends a weekend in a rugged hut where he meets two bear-shifters did little for me, but others have been raving over Bound To Two Bears and this whole series, so try it out.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome book recommendations Nora – I look forward to your list each week. Heart, btw…. Oh MY heart, is all I can say!

  2. I love your book reviews it’s a way for me to find a new book! Macy Blake All or Nothing. Is a really good book. I’ve read it twice! looking forward to the next one. You diffidently want to read it. Of course, I’m a big Charlie Cochet fan and her new series Kings are great she just came out with the second one so now is the time to get caught up!

  3. I love your deals and steals, and your book reviews. I have found so many new to me authors, and books that I love. Thank you for taking the time to do them. 💜

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