Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (April 14)

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Every week, I list sales and recommendations in my newsletter, but I figured I would do it here as well. My thought was that combining all the links in one place would make it easier for you all to have an overview 🙂 So here we go for this weekend (April 14 2018).

All the prices were valid at the moment I checked, but always check again before you buy, as some deals only last 24 hours and not all deals are valid in all Amazon stores…

New Releases

It’s impossible to list all new releases, so I’ll just subjectively pick the ones I liked, LOL.

the problem coverThe Problem – Piper Scott

If you love mpreg, you have got to read Piper Scott’s new release The Problem. It’s freaking hot and sweet at the same time. Wonderful, unique characters and a great start of a new series. I loved it so hard. Grab it here (also in KU).

The Colors Between Us – Kate Hawthorne

I haven’t read The Colors Between Us one yet, but it’s definitely on my to-be-read pile. The cover is gorgeous and the premise intriguing. You can find it here (also in KU).

Omega Shadow coverOmega Shadow – Quinn Michaels

This is a new author to me, so I can’t say anything else than that this series is on my TBR pile. This is the third book in a series, but they’re stand alones, and what appealed to me was that they combine mpreg with suspense, which is what I do as well. So I’m definitely gonna check this series out. You can find it here (also in KU).


Free Deals

There are some great freebies right now, but be fast!

RJ Scott has three books for free right now in the Sanctuary Series: Guarding Morgan, The Only Easy Day, and Face Value.

Dessa Lux has The Omega’s Bodyguard on sale, which is the first book in the Protection of the Pack Series. I really liked the first few books, haven’t read the rest yet. They’re polyamorous mpreg, so be warned 🙂

A.M. Arthur has The Truth as he Knows It for free. Noel and Shame are perfect for each other and I loved this book. This is an awesome series that also has a beautiful MMM romance in a later book in the series.

99c Deals

On Davis Row coverOn Davis Row – N.R. Walker

On Davis Row is 99c right now. I loved this book by N.R. Walker, but then again, I love all her books, LOL. Her Red Dirt Heart Series is one of my all-time favorite gay romance series. On Davis Row is about the slow burn relationship between a convict and his parole officer and it’s SO good. Grab it here on Amazon.

The Chimera Affair coverThe Chimera Affair – Keira Andrews

I haven’t read much of Keira Andrews, but I really liked the ones I did read, so I’ll be grabbing this 99c deal for sure. A spy gay romance, what’s not to like? Buy it here on Amazon.

Only with you coverOnly With You – JD Chambers

Another 99c deal you want to get. This is a great series with unconventional characters and tropes. This is the first book in the series. Grab it here on Amazon. 

Jared’s Evolution – Riley Hart

If you like daddy kink, you need this book. Enough said. Grab it here for 99c.

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