Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Apr 6)

Welcome to this week’s hot new releases, 99c deals, and freebies in gay romance! We have some wonderful news releases, a solid list of 99c deals, and two freebies.

All deals are valid today, Saturday, April 6, in the US and most of the time the UK, but they may not be valid tomorrow or in all Amazon stores. Please check the price before buying!

This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading, so all personal recommendations from me. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.

New Releases

Take Care of You – Gianni Holmes

An older man meets a younger guy who wants to take control in their relationship. Daddy kink with the ages reversed sounds so good. Take Care of You was a one-click for me.

LOL – Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox

When a celebrity hijacks a carriage and driver to escape the paparazzi, he inadvertently lands the driver into trouble. To make up for it, he takes him with him as he lays low for a while…and the rest you can read in LOL, a new romantic comedy from Lucy Lennox and her sister.

Nox – Adrienne Wilder

Look, I haven’t read a book by this author that I didn’t love, so Nox was a one-click for me anyway. But paranormal creatures? Shifters that aren’t normal shifters? Suspense and hot romance wrapped into one? Sign me up.

Arctic Sun – Annabeth Albert

A hot model and a rugged bush pilot meet in Alaska and sparks fly. But when their worlds are so far apart, do they even stand a chance? Find out in Arctic Sun. Love this author and Alaska fascinates me, so I’m in.

When It Rains – Elle Keaton

When it Rains picks up where the previous book, His Best Man, left off in a trafficking operation. The cop who investigates is intrigued by the mysterious Carsten, a man who’s learned the law cannot be trusted. Romantic suspense.

99c Deals

Falling – Suki Fleet

Falling sounds like a sweet, slow burn new adult story with a lot of feels, the romance between an isolated guy who wrestles with depression and his neighbor. The blurb had me hooked.

Pay It Forward – Nic Starr

Pay It Forward is a mellow, feel good romance between two guys who each bring their own baggage into a relationship and who have to work through some stuff before they reach their happy end. THIS BOOK CURRENTLY SHOWS UP AT REGULAR PRICE, BUT SINCE THE AUTHOR TOLD ME IT WOULD BE 99C, IT MAY BE DISCOUNTED LAYTER TODAY OR TOMORROW. PLEASE CHECK AGAIN LATER.

Drawn to You – Jaclyn Quinn

A guy who’s making a fresh start and working in a tattoo shop falls for a man determined to keep their relationship casual in Drawn to You. When tragedy strikes, is what they have strong enough to survive?

Syncopation – Anna Zabo

The out of control rock star and front man of a band meets his former high school crush, who turns out to be their new drummer, in Syncopation. But both men have their trust issues, so can they work these out?

The Southern Comforts Series – Garett Groves

Southern hospitality, May/December, times three?! Yes, please! Sign me up for The Southern Comforts Series, three small-town, lighthearted romances in one awesome deal.

First – Declan Rhodes

The blurb of First reads a bit complicated, but from what I can tell, two high school friends meet again years later at a ski resort and the old sparks still fly. First time gay meets friends to lovers with a little rich boy poor boy thrown in.

Because You Protected Me – Ian Finn

An introvert rock star needs a bodyguard when he acquires himself a stalker in Because You Protected Me. The good old bodyguard trope meets an opposites attract and first time gay.

Caysen’s Catch – Daryl Banner

I’m a fan of this author and this appears to be a new concept for him: a continuing series of four novellas that follow four friends through their lives from work, to parties, and to love. This first one has a friends to lovers theme and honestly, I’m not entire sure if Caysen’s Catch has a HEA or a HFN. But it sounds good! A new release at 99c.


Credence – Delphia Baisden

Rock star meets rock star in Credence, with one man still in the closet and another looking for a second chance at fame. Trigger warning: this book contains explicit rape, as well as one failed suicide attempt by a main character.

Stage Two – Ariel Tachna

Town bad boy and the principal learn that the tension between them isn’t just confrontational, and that sparks can fly when opposites come together in Stage Two, a second chance romance.


Free Hand – E.M. Lindsey

Reviewers are calling Free Hand raw and authentic. A lonely tattoo artist suffering from PTSD finds his calm with a deaf man hell bent on not dating a hearing man.


Follow Him Home – Peter Dawes

A doctor, a lawyer, and a hitman walk into a bar…haha! Or in this case fall into bed. Can the world two of them live in make room for a third, in Follow Him Home? Readers who appreciate a more literary style will love this one.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Gay Romance Deals and New Releases (Apr 6)”

  1. Hi Nora,
    As always, thanks so much for your wonderful compilation of more books to add to myever growing list.

    Just wanted to let you know that Book Two of the Peter Davies series is on a countdown right now and at .99 today (in US). It’s the story of two of the three guys from book one, kind of a prequel to book one so you might want to add it to your .99 grouping.

    Thank you again!

  2. You, Miss Nora Phoenix, are hell on my TBR list, lol! Thank you so much – I look forward to your lists of new, reduced, and free books every week.

    1. As much as I jokingly complain about it, I love having all these books so I can choose whatever I’m in the mood for… Plus, there are times when I suddenly have extra time to read and I’ll have this whole Kindle stuffed with books, haha.

  3. I just read Free Hand the other day on KU and loved it! I’m so happy to get it free to read it again lol. Thanks for all the great ideas. I’ve been going through my TBR shelf slowly but surely and then your weekly list adds more every time lmao. ❤🦄📖📚

    1. I heard great reviews on Free Hand, so it’s high on my TBR pile. And my list keeps growing as well, since I add a few books every week.

  4. I have the box set but am in the middle of another box set. I promise though when I finish yours I will leave a review.

  5. P.W. Davies has another book at .99 cents if you look, Make Him Tremble. Don’t know anything about it, but it’s cheap!

  6. Have you read any Keira Andrews? I really liked “Honeymoon for One,” “Voyagers,” and “Semper Fi” — but if you are interested in Alaska, you should read “Arctic Fire.” Loved the elements of culture clash (First Nations community vs Canadian military) as the arctic survival stuff. Enjoy!

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