Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher

I’m super excited to share the first snippet of my upcoming release Kissing the Teacher. But first, head on over to the LoveBytes blog for more about this cool Valentine’s day project we’re doing with a bunch of authors and to check out the amazing covers!

Kissing the Teacher

My book in this Valentine’s Inc series is called Kissing the Teacher. It will be a fun, sexy and sweet Daddy-kink romance with an age gap, some hurt-comfort, and snarky banter. The planned release date is January 21.

College professor Hagen St. Croix has sworn off finding a new boy after his previous boys left him broken-hearted. At forty-three, the former Dom feels like he’s getting old and boring. When he meets second-chance college student Baxter Lafelle, he feels a strong attraction, but he can’t act on it, because even though he’s twenty-seven Baxter is still a student.

But then his old club organizes an event and Hagen refuses to show up without someone by his side, so he hires a boy through Valentine’s Inc. Imagine his shock when it turns out to be Baxter… But Baxter’s life is falling apart and it doesn’t take long before Hagen realizes that he doesn’t want to be Hagen’s fake boyfriend, or even his fake Dom. He wants to be his Daddy…

Teaser from Kissing the Teacher

I’m super excited about this book, not in the last place because it was so much fun to write. Hell, the way those two characters were talking, the book practically wrote itself, haha. To get you excited, here’s a little teaser (unedited and fully copyrighted):

They ate together at the dining table, Baxter forcing himself to eat slowly, even though he wanted nothing more than to devour that meal. Hagen was snacking on an apple and some almonds, seemingly content to watch Baxter eat.

“This is so good,” Baxter said.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Hagen told him, those eyebrows narrowing in what Baxter now called his stern expression.

He looked like a hot principal when he did that, and for some weird reason, Baxter wanted nothing more than to obey him. Or maybe not, because he also looked like a principal who would be strict, who would punish him for being bad. And then Baxter thought of what he had discovered in his research about punishment, and he almost choked on his food, coughing until he was red in his face.

“And that’s why you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full,” Hagen said smugly.

“It wasn’t that,” Baxter defended himself, though waiting until he’d swallowed his food. “I had to think of something.”

Hagen raised one eyebrow. “You thought of something that was so distracting it almost made you choke? I’d love to hear where your mind wandered off to, then.”

Yeah, he’d walked straight into that one, hadn’t he? What the hell did he say now? Feeling bold, he opted for the truth. “I was picturing you as a stern principal who would spank me if I was bad.”

He wasn’t sure how he expected Hagen to react, but him breaking out in a wild cough as he spit out a chunk of apple wasn’t it. “I see you have the same reaction to it,” he said, unable to keep the glee out of his voice.

“You can’t tell me things like that when I’m eating,” Hagen protested when he’d stopped coughing and spluttering. “As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t think about things like that while you’re eating. You could kill someone, you know?”

“When should I think about it then?” Baxter asked, surprised to hear the flirtiness in his own tone.

“Finish your damn meal and we can talk about it all you want,” Hagen said, his voice taking on a dark, deep edge that had Baxter shiver with anticipation.


I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this upcoming release!

9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher”

  1. Have I told you how much I love your blog? From the teasers and deals to the posts that educate and inform, it’s always a delight to read. Thank you for them. Even with a busy schedule, you always find the time.❤️
    Btw you have a spot down below for a website. I only have my blog which is just a place for me to put reviews and share. But since Amazon wouldn’t let me, I found my own way.

  2. It sounds interesting and fun. I can’t wait for it to be out on the 21st. Thank you for sharing this, more power!

  3. This is wonderful. Can’t wait for the story. I’m sure you will catch it in editing, but I think this might be an error?

    “And that’s why you shouldn’t eat with your mouth full,” Hagen said smugly.

    I think you mean “talk” with your mouth full?

    Looking forward to reading the story! It’s sounds all kinds of squishy goodness.

  4. I love this but is it just me or should that read “don’t speak with your mouth full” cause I’m pretty sure the only way you can eat is with your mouth full so it wouldn’t make sense to say don’t do that! lol .. Regardless, I can’t wait for this. I love age gap and Daddy kink and the whole student/teacher taboo. Love it! 🙂

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