Cover Reveal for Alpha’s Submission

Alpha's Submission coming soon

I know: I’m mean. I left you all hanging at the end of Alpha’s Sacrifice, didn’t I? just when we were getting to the good parts, the book stopped. I could say I’m sorry, but we’d know I don’t mean it, LOL.

The good news is that book two in the Irresistible Omegas series, Alpha’s Submission, is coming soon. As in super soon. As in next week, baby. The planned release date is May 26th, so one more week and you can continue the adventure with Lidon, Vieno, Palani, and Enar. Did you miss them?

Cover Alpha’s Submission

Let me show you the cover for Alpha’s Submission first. This one has Enar on the cover and man, I love him. I fell in love with him a little when I wrote this books…and I hope you will, too.

Alpha's Submission cover

Blurb Alpha’s Submission

Here’s the blurb for Alpha’s Submission:

Four men, brought together by fate, connected in more powerful ways than they’d ever imagined.

Lidon, Vieno, Palani, and Enar are finding their way in their complicated relationship. For Vieno, it’s easy. He thrives in the care of his men, taking his place as their omega and focusing on rebuilding the ranch.

For Enar, it’s a lot harder to find his role…and himself. His struggles to accept himself and his place in the relationship create tension between him and his mates.

Palani keeps digging into the Melloni gene and the fraud case Lidon alerted him to. His investigation reveals a conspiracy that is bigger than any of them expected, and it endangers them all.

Lidon discovers powers he never knew he possessed. When his mates and his home are threatened, he steps into a legendary identity. With the help of new friends that become family, Lidon vows to protect what’s his.

Alpha’s Submission is an MMMM mpreg romance and the second book in the Irresistible Omegas series. It is not a stand-alone but continues the story from the first book. It ends with a HEA for our four men, but the suspense storyline will continue in the next books.

The Rest of the Series

With this second book, the love story of our four men is sort of finished. I mean, they’re together and they’ll stay that way, but of course the bigger story isn’t over yet.

In the next book, we’ll focus on a new love story, but we’ll also continue the bigger story with the Melloni gene and everything else that’s happening. That also means we’ll be closely following our foursome. If you’ve read my No Shame series, you’ll have an idea of how that works. It means the whole series will have to be read in order, otherwise they wouldn’t make sense.

I hope you guys are as excited about this book as I am!

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for Alpha’s Submission”

  1. YAY!!!!!
    I’ve been waiting for book two, I was told that book one ends in a cliff-hanger, so I decided not to buy it until, (at least), book two was released.

    1. Yeah, it does but this one ends with a HEA for our four men, though the other story elements continue. I hope you’ll love these books!

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