Coming Soon: Heart (A Ballsy Boys Production)

Heart coming soon

It’s only a week until Heart releases, the third book in the Ballsy Boys series I co-write with K.M. Neuhold. It’s an MMM romance featuring three men who find each other by accident…and then discover they fit better than they’d ever expected. 

Heart is the story of gay porn star Heart: a bad-boy covered in tattoos who oozes sex…or so his parole officer Lucky thinks. He has a hard time getting heart off his mind, even after meeting cute nerd Mason…who happens to be friends with Heart.

A complicated dance ensues where insecure Mason juggles a friends-with-benefits relationship with Heart while dating Lucky, while Lucky tries to forget about Heart…and Heart doesn’t think he’s relationship material in the first place.

It’s a rocky road until these three finally get their happy ending…but so worth it!

Heart is the third book in the Ballsy Boys series. The first two books were Rebel and Tank and they don’t need to be read first, but we do recommend it for more fun. The whole, series is sexy and emotional, with a whole lot of what porn stars do best…but no cheating.

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  1. I just finished Rebel (yeah, I know, I am late ><) and I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved it. I had a great time reading it. Thank you so much! Now I hope to finish Tank before the Heart release. (I am sooo looking forward to Beta's Surrender by the way!)

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