Looking for a Christmas Gift? I ‘ve Got You Covered!

‘Tis the season, or at least, close enough to it, and that means the shopping for Christmas gifts has begun… And I know many of us buy out own gifts or at least give very detailed, specific instructions what to buy, haha. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, I’ve got you covered!

Signed Paperbacks

First of all, I have signed paperbacks for you from all my books, and they should arrive in time for the holidays. They’re $12 each, plus postage (see form) if you’re inside the US. For readers outside the US, please contact me and we’ll work something out!

You can order them by filling out this form.

Nora Phoenix Desk Calendars

Also super pretty are these Nora Phoenix desk calendars. Each month shows a favorite teaser for one of my books, so you can enjoy my spectacular man candy for a whole year.

Aren’t these gorgeous? They’re only $10 each, including postage inside the US. Please contact me if you’re outside the US, and we’ll figure something out!

You can order them through this form!

Other Merch

And of course, there’s the other Nora Phoenix merch you can order directly from Customized Girl. They have some sales going on on T-shirts right now, so check it out. And remember that you can put a design on any product you want, so if you love the design but want a hoodie instead, or a different style of shirt, you can swap them!

Happy Holiday season!

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