Your X-Factor: The Biggest Challenge for Authors

The writing business has a steep learning curve, especially for newbie self published authors. There’s so much to learn, both in terms of writing as in the publishing, marketing, and business side. A lot of is is stuff that’s relatively easy to find on Google, but you have to know to look for it in the first place (trust me, I’m still learning a lot with every single release…). Continue reading “Your X-Factor: The Biggest Challenge for Authors”

Writing With Causal Logic

In school, many of us have learned about logic in a more or less formal way. We learn how to build an argument or how to defend a position, using  logical steps, methods like inductive or deductive reasoning. It’s how we were taught to write our essays and papers. My son recently had to write an essay about why he wanted to be a safety patrol in his school, and his teacher complimented him on his structured five-point approach.

In writing stories, this kind of reasoning isn’t really helpful. That doesn’t mean we can abandon all logic, however. In stories and fiction books, we need a different kind of logic. We need causal logic. Continue reading “Writing With Causal Logic”

What To Post On Your Author Website

We’re continuing our series about author websites. So far, we’ve looked at why you need an author website, how to set it up, and essential elements. In that last post, we already covered some of what to post on your author website, but I wanted to address that in more detail. Out of all the essential elements we covered in that post, we’ll focus on the content aka news part today. For new authors especially it can be tricky to come up with something to share. Continue reading “What To Post On Your Author Website”

Essential Elements of an Author Website

In the last two weeks, we’ve talked about author websites. In the first post, we discussed why having an author website is crucial and last week, I shared some tips for how to set up your site using WordPress. Today, I want to look at the essential elements of an author website.

Before I share my list, I want to impress this crucial thought upon you all: always remember who your website is for. That would be readers, in case you forgot. Your website is not primarily for other authors (though they certainly can be readers as well), or for publishers, or for anyone else, but for your readers. Always keep that in mind in what you write, share, and post. Continue reading “Essential Elements of an Author Website”

How To Set Up Your Author Website

Okay, now that we’ve established the need for an author website, the question is how to go along with creating one. This sounds a lot harder than it is in reality, but I agree that if you have little or no experience with building a website, the whole process can seem daunting. So, we are going to take it step-by-step to make sure you got this part. Continue reading “How To Set Up Your Author Website”

Why You Need an Author Website

The next few weeks for Writer Wednesday, we are going to talk about author websites as part of building an author platform. We’ll be covering a lot of practical details on how to create an attractive and effective author website, but before we get into the question of how to build an author website, let’s first discuss if you need one and why.

While for some authors building an author website is the most logical thing in the world, others wonder why they should bother. With all the social media they’re active on, why would anyone visit their author website? Especially if you are not blogging regularly, what’s the point of even having a website? These are all good questions that deserve a careful consideration. Continue reading “Why You Need an Author Website”

Building a Reader Group on Facebook (1)

This week and next week, I want to talk about building a reader group on Facebook. But before we go into that, I need to reiterate something I said when I started this series on Writer Wednesday topics. I write this series specifically for authors in the gay romance genre. Continue reading “Building a Reader Group on Facebook (1)”

Should You Do ARC Reviews?

One of the things many authors struggle with is the question whether to do ARC reviews. If that term is new to you, ARC stands for advanced reader copy, and it simply means that you distribute a copy of your book before the official release date to a small group of readers. The idea is that they will read the book before release and then publish a review shortly after publication date. Continue reading “Should You Do ARC Reviews?”

Do Writers Need To Know Grammar Rules?

I have a love-hate relationship with the English language when it comes to spelling and grammar rules. In case you didn’t know, English is not my first language. I learned it in high school, then taught myself the rest, improving even more once I moved to the States. And let’s face it: English is not an easy language to learn, especially all the nuances.  Continue reading “Do Writers Need To Know Grammar Rules?”