Three More Days till Kissing the Teacher

Kissing the Teacher releases in only three more days! Are you guys ready for this delicious, sweet daddy kink romance?

Hagen is a college professor and a former Dom who has decided he doesn’t want another boy. They’ll only leave again because he’s too safe, too boring. Too old. But when his former club organizes an event, he wants to go, and so he hires himself a boy. That boy turns out to be his sexy student Baxter, and Hagen finds himself enthralled. But when Baxter needs him, Hagen discovers he wants to be so much more than his Dom. He wants to be Baxter’s Daddy…but will Baxter let him? Continue reading “Three More Days till Kissing the Teacher”

Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher

I’m super excited to share the first snippet of my upcoming release Kissing the Teacher. But first, head on over to the LoveBytes blog for more about this cool Valentine’s day project we’re doing with a bunch of authors and to check out the amazing covers! Continue reading “Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher”

Teaser from Campy

Campy will be releasing in just two days, so to whet your appetite, I figured I’d share a little teaser. Now, if you’ve read the first three books in the Ballsy Boys series, you’ll know that Campy is a bit of a mystery. He’s hiding something…but what? When he gets himself a new roommate, a hot cowboy-turned-actor from Texas named Jackson, Campy’s secrets start to unravel… Continue reading “Teaser from Campy”

Cover and Title Reveal No Shame Holidays Book

If you’re part of my Facebook group or are subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll know that life threw me some curve balls lately. It threw a big ole’ wrench in my well-laid plans, including my release schedule.

The plan was to release both Campy (Ballsy Boys book four) and a No Shame Holiday book this month. The good news is that the latter will be coming soon. The sad news is that you guys will have to wait till January for Campy.  Continue reading “Cover and Title Reveal No Shame Holidays Book”

Teaser from Ignite

It’s been an absolutely crazy two months with me releasing not one but two books, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. Alpha’s Pride is getting fab reviews, and I’ve sent off Ignite, my sci fi MMM romance, to my editor.

Today, I thought I’d share a little more about Ignite, since some people were a little worried. Ignite can best be described as a mix of sci fi (there’s an alien invasion happening) and a dystopian world, with a sweet, slow burn MMM romance thrown in. Kind of like Hunger Games meets Independence Day. Continue reading “Teaser from Ignite”