Nora Reviews: Daddy Kink

I haven’t posted much lately, due to a conference I was attending, but I’m back! I thought it was time for another round of mini-reviews, and today, we’ll focus on some lovely daddy kink.

Now, daddy kink can mean different things, so in each review I’ll mention if there’s age play (one character “acting” like he’s much younger), ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers, meaning one of the characters wears diapers at times) or if it’s daddy kink without these elements. Continue reading “Nora Reviews: Daddy Kink”

Nora Reviews: Three Low-Angst MM Romances

Every now and then, I’m in the mood for something entertaining, something that doesn’t have a whole lot of angst or tension. Especially after I’ve read a high-tension book, I wanna switch things up with low-angst MM romances. In case you’re the same, here are three low-angst MM romances I really loved. Continue reading “Nora Reviews: Three Low-Angst MM Romances”

Nora Reviews: Four Recent Reads (Sept. 6)

I took the whole month of August off to travel cross country with my son, and I had a lot of time to read. And boy, did I read some great MM romances! Here’s a first batch of mini reviews from those recent reads, just a few lines about what made me love that book so much. Continue reading “Nora Reviews: Four Recent Reads (Sept. 6)”

Mini Reviews: Four MMM Gay Romances

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love me some ménage romances, considering I’ve written quite a few (No Shame, Heart, and the whole Irresistible Omegas series is MMMM and MMM). So I thought it would be fun to share some mini reviews of my favorite MMM gay romances, my own excluded of course, haha.

I’ve also asked the readers in my group for their favorite MMM gay romances, so we’ll share those in a next post. Continue reading “Mini Reviews: Four MMM Gay Romances”

Nora Reviews: MM Romance Connected Series

Like many readers, I love me some series. Maybe it’s because you can completely immerse yourself into a world with multiple books set in the same place, or because you get to really live with characters through high and lows, I don’t know.

I have a special fondness for connected series, where each book builds on the previous one, meaning they have to be read in order. My own No Shame series is a connected MM romance series, and so is the new Irresistible Omegas series. So in today’s edition of Nora reviews, here are four MM romance connected series I absolutely love. This is by no means a complete list, haha.  Continue reading “Nora Reviews: MM Romance Connected Series”

Nora Reviews: Four Recent Reads

I was trying to think of a theme for today’s Nora Reviews, but I really wanted to recommend a few books I read lately that were superb. I read pretty much every subgenre within MM romances, so my recommendations are all over the place, haha. But here are four gay romances I read recently that I really loved. Continue reading “Nora Reviews: Four Recent Reads”

Nora Reviews: Four Sweet Gay Romances

In this week’s edition of Nora reviews, I’m sharing super short reviews of four sweet gay romances I really loved. I’m the type of reader who appreciates gay romance across all subgenres and types. While I write steamy MM romance myself, I can really appreciate a slow-burn or a sweet romance. Continue reading “Nora Reviews: Four Sweet Gay Romances”