What Makes Readers Buy or Download a Book?

As you probably know by now, I love doing polls in my reader group. I learn tons about my readers and their preferences, but also about trends in the MM romance market and more. My last question to them was this: what makes you buy or download a book?

Note that we’re not talking about actually reading a book here, since the motivation to buy can be different from the motivation to decide to read something right now. But I was curious what makes readers decide to buy a book on Amazon (or download it through KU, which is the same process for me). Continue reading “What Makes Readers Buy or Download a Book?”

Listopia: What Constitutes Angst in MM Romance?

I love the MM community on Facebook, where authors and readers interact in various groups. One of these groups is a relatively new one called M/M Angst Lovers, and of course, I joined as soon as I spotted it, haha. But it made me wonder: what constitutes angst in MM romance? (or MM+, but let’s not get too technical…)

Readers often describe books as “angsty” or “high angst” (or not angsty and low-angst), but what does that mean, exactly? How do readers (or writers) determine the level of angst in MM romance? Luckily, someone in that group asked the same question in the form of a poll, and I asked if I could write about the results. Continue reading “Listopia: What Constitutes Angst in MM Romance?”

Readers’ Favorite Holiday MM Romances

It’s time for another Listopia post. I love polling the readers in my Facebook group Nora’s Nook, and last week, I asked them about their favorite holiday MM romances.

Now, of course my book No Angel isn’t out yet, haha, so that’s not on the list, and I just read an ARC of another holiday MM romance, Jingle Balls by Z.B. Heller, that’s not out yet either. Both would’ve made the list, I’m sure, but there are plenty of awesome reads below to get you in the holiday mood! Continue reading “Readers’ Favorite Holiday MM Romances”

Readers’ Fave MM Romances With Setting Outside the US

I love reading MM romances that have a setting outside the US. You can learn so much about a different culture, even from a fiction book. It’s like traveling there, but through a story.

I remember books I read as a kid that took place elsewhere and how wonderful it was to see different customs, different sounds and smells. If the writer was good, this whole new world would come alive, so real you could taste it… Continue reading “Readers’ Fave MM Romances With Setting Outside the US”

Readers’ Top 10 Rereads in MM Romance

Two weeks ago, I talked about why readers reread books, showing some results from a poll I did in my FB group Nora’s Nook. After seeing how many readers reread book, I was super curious as to what their favorite rereads were in MM romance.

This poll was taken in my group alone, with many, many responses. Readers could add their faves as well, and we ended up with a list of 99 book, haha. But despite that overwhelming volume, the top 10 rereads in MM romance was pretty clear. Continue reading “Readers’ Top 10 Rereads in MM Romance”

The Two Biggest Clichés in Gay Romance

This week’s Listopia post is an interesting one. I asked the readers in my facebook group what clichés in gay romance they were most tired of. There were two definitive “winners”, but the comments was where things got interesting.

Let’s start with two two biggest clichés my readers voted for in gay romance: Continue reading “The Two Biggest Clichés in Gay Romance”

What Elements Would Readers Like to See More of in Gay Romance?

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Listopia post. All of these are based on completely unscientific polls in my reader group on Facebook, so if you’re a statistics professional, I apologize. I’m just having fun here, haha.

The question this week was this: “What trope or element would you like to see more of in gay romance?” Continue reading “What Elements Would Readers Like to See More of in Gay Romance?”

What’s the Preferred Heat Level in MM Romances?

It’s time for another poll-post… A while back, I asked the readers in my Facebook group this: how much sex should MM romances have? I was wondering if readers had a preferred or even required heat level in their gay romances, if they preferred lots of sex, some sexy scenes, or whether it didn’t even matter at all?

I didn’t give them pre-cooked answers, so they added some options of their own.  Continue reading “What’s the Preferred Heat Level in MM Romances?”