Title and Cover Reveal Book Five IO Series

It’s time for some exciting news: the title and cover reveal for the next book in the Irresistible Omegas series, also known as “book five”, haha. I know many of you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently, LOL) for the next book, which has taken longer than I had hoped and planned. We’re not done with the journey of Bray, Kean, and Ruari to a happy end… Continue reading “Title and Cover Reveal Book Five IO Series”

Three More Days till Kissing the Teacher

Kissing the Teacher releases in only three more days! Are you guys ready for this delicious, sweet daddy kink romance?

Hagen is a college professor and a former Dom who has decided he doesn’t want another boy. They’ll only leave again because he’s too safe, too boring. Too old. But when his former club organizes an event, he wants to go, and so he hires himself a boy. That boy turns out to be his sexy student Baxter, and Hagen finds himself enthralled. But when Baxter needs him, Hagen discovers he wants to be so much more than his Dom. He wants to be Baxter’s Daddy…but will Baxter let him? Continue reading “Three More Days till Kissing the Teacher”

Valentine’s Inc. Is Coming!

We teamed up with ten authors to bring you some wonderful Valentine’s Day romances: the Valentine’s Inc. series. A few months ago, we asked readers for suggestions for a trope or plot to write a Valentine’s Day themed series, and we got a ton of ideas. We went through them and decided on Valentine’s Inc.

Valentine’s Inc. is a dating and matchmaking agency that provides the perfect date for every occasion, whether you need a fake boyfriend to not be the sad guy at a wedding or are looking for true love. Our ten stories are all based on this idea, but we’ve all interpreted it differently. That means that aside from Valentine’s Inc, the stories aren’t connected and can be read in any order. Continue reading “Valentine’s Inc. Is Coming!”

Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher

I’m super excited to share the first snippet of my upcoming release Kissing the Teacher. But first, head on over to the LoveBytes blog for more about this cool Valentine’s day project we’re doing with a bunch of authors and to check out the amazing covers! Continue reading “Cover Reveal and Teaser from Kissing the Teacher”

Campy is Live!

In case you missed it: Campy went live over the weekend! We had some hiccups with the release, as it took Amazon over thirty hours to show the cover. We weren’t the only authors affected, but it was a major nuisance. Even more annoying was that the book didn’t show up in search results everywhere, for instance in Australia, where readers had to have a specific link to find it. Continue reading “Campy is Live!”

Cover and Title Reveal No Shame Holidays Book

If you’re part of my Facebook group or are subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll know that life threw me some curve balls lately. It threw a big ole’ wrench in my well-laid plans, including my release schedule.

The plan was to release both Campy (Ballsy Boys book four) and a No Shame Holiday book this month. The good news is that the latter will be coming soon. The sad news is that you guys will have to wait till January for Campy.  Continue reading “Cover and Title Reveal No Shame Holidays Book”