Beta’s Strength

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Beta's Strength coverBeta’s Strength:

Bray has accepted he, Kean, and Ruari are fated mates, but he knows their happy ever after is still a long ways off. He needs to change, but where to start? Can he ever become the alpha that’s worthy of his two mates and the dad little Jax needs? 

The rest of the pack is reeling from the heavy loss they suffered. Can their pack mate’s sacrifice bring forth something good? Relationships are tested and bonds deepen as the pack faces their toughest challenge just yet…

Beta’s Strength is an MMM mpreg romance and the fifth book in the continuing Irresistible Omegas series. All books need to be read in order and are not stand alones. The love story between Bray, Kean, and Ruari has a happy end in this book but the overall story of the pack will continue in the next book.

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