The Time of My Life

The Time of My Life is a steamy stand-alone MM romance featuring one bossy bottom with a traumatic past, one first-time gay who’s hit rock bottom, two hella hot bodyguards, and one competition for the chance of a lifetime…

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No Shame Series

The No Shame Series is a steaming hot, slightly kinky series of four books. These are not stand alone novels, but need to be read in order. Each book focuses on a different couple (or threesome), but continues the story of Indy, who we meet in the first book.

No Filter cover picNo Filter

Release Date: Out on Amazon now!
Indy is on the run from his mobster ex, when he meets former Army medic Noah and his best friend-with-benefits Josh. Staying could cost him his life and endanger Noah and Josh, but can Indy walk away when he falls in love with Noah?

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No Limits coverNo Limits

Release Date: Out on Amazon now!
Josh doesn’t exactly consider himself a catch as a boring homebody with PTSD, but bossy cop Connor feels differently. But when Connor’s past turns out to endanger Indy, do Josh and Connor really have a chance together?

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No Fear coverNo Fear

Release Date: Out on Amazon now!
Aaron has treated his brother Josh like shit when he came out. Now that Aaron has come to terms with the fact he’s gay, too, he feels completely lost. Can Blake, the sexy, dominant jiujitsu professor, help him find healing, and maybe even love? 

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No Shame coverNo Shame

Release date: Out on Amazon now!
Brad has a shameful secret that no one knows, except his best friend Charlie and his brother Blake. But FBI agent Miles breaks through all his defenses, and sees Brad’s deepest needs. Can Brad learn to accept himself, and find a way to love with Charlie and Miles at his side?

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Ballsy Boys Series

The Ballsy Boys Series is a super sexy MM romance series (co-written with K.M. Neuhold) about the hottest gay porn stars in LA. Each book features a new couple, but we also catch up with previous characters. While these books do contain some instances of sex outside of the main relationships, they DO NOT contain cheating.

Ballsy coverBallsy

Release date: Out on Instafreebie now!

Meet the men of Ballsy Boys Productions— Rebel, Tank, Brewer, Heart, Campy, and Pixie— the hottest gay porn stars in LA. They seem like they have it all: fame, money, and lots of good times, but what about love? Join these sexy, cocksure men as they journey through love, lust, friendship…and of course, a whole lot of what porn stars do best. Ballsy is a free 5500 prequel/intro to the whole series.

Rebel coverRebel

Release Date: Out on Amazon now!
Rebel is one of the leading men in gay porn, making a serious relationship all but impossible. Troy is a commitment-phobe who has made breaking up into a job. Surely when these two meet they should manage to keep things casual, right?

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