Beta’s Surrender is Live!

Yay, it’s here! Beta’s Surrender, the third book in the Irresistible Omegas series, went live yesterday evening. I can’t wait for you all to read this delicious daddy kink mpreg!

Grab it here from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

In this book, we see three new men fall in love: Grayson, our hot older alpha, Lars, a bratty beta if there ever was one, and sweet omega Sven. We also check in with our foursome from the previous two books, Lidon, Palani, Enar, and Vieno.

Beta’s Surrender

Sven’s heat is coming, and with his mutative gene, the omega is warned he needs an alpha. The only alpha he trusts is Grayson, who is twenty years his senior. He’s also the only one who’s not afraid to take on Sven’s lover, Lars. What is supposed to be just sex turns into much more for Sven. But what alpha would want two boys?

Lars vowed he’d always take care of Sven, but when his lover’s heat comes, he’s not enough. He has to accept the help of the alpha he hates more than anyone—with the exception of his brother Enar, maybe. When Grayson figures out what the beta really craves, Lars pulls his defensive walls up. Alphas can’t be trusted, no matter what promises they make. Not even if they can offer what he never knew he needed.

Grayson never expected to connect with the sweet omega, and even less with the bratty beta who seems out to defy his authority at every chance. But there’s a reason for Lars’s insolent behavior, and soon the combination of these two boys becomes irresistible for Grayson. Can he be the Daddy these two need?

Beta’s Surrender is an MMM mpreg romance and the third book in the Irresistible Omegas series. It is not a stand-alone but continues the story from the first two books. It ends with an HEA for our three men, but the overall storyline will continue in the next books.

Happy reading! I hope you will all love these boys as much as I did, sigh… And if you did, please leave a review on Amazon, ’cause those are super important to indie authors like me!

3 thoughts on “Beta’s Surrender is Live!”

  1. And it was absolutely incredible, thank you so much! Couldn’t put down till the end! (work?.. what work?.. who need it! lol >_<) Now I am dying to know what will happen next!
    Again, thank you for your hard work and amazing stories! <3

  2. I just finished reading the book and I enjoyed it a lot! Initially, I was a bit wary since you mentioned the focus will be on different characters, not the original four. But after reading it I am very happy with your approach and method.

    Even though the main focus were on different characters, but the main plot and and mysteries still continuing on. I like that a lot! Please keep up the great work.

    I’m guessing either Bray will be the next focus on Sando. Either way I am excited and looking forward to the next one!

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