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I love lists. I also love books, especially MM romances (duh…). So lists of books make me super happy! I regularly ask the readers in my Facebook group for lists, and I thought I’d start sharing these with you. Today, I present the best gay romance rom com books.

What MM romance books are absolutely laugh-out-loud funny? That’s what I asked my readers and here’s their top 10 of gay romance rom com books:

  1. Made Marian Series by Lucy Lennox
  2. Curl Up and Dye Series by Aimee Nicole Walker
  3. Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller
  4. First and Forever Series by Alexa Land
  5. Thirds Series by Charlie Cochet
  6. Rule Breaker by Lily Morton
  7. The Weight of It All by N.R. Walker
  8. The Moore Series by Alex Miska
  9. Tell Me It’s Real by T.J. Klune
  10. Curious (Finn Factor 1) by R.G. Alexander

Honorable mentions were books by Mary Calmes and Daryl Banner.

I haven’t read all of these myself, but I’ll admit that I love the Made Marian series (Aunt Tilly is pure comedy gold), Sex Ed made me laugh so hard I felt it the next day, and Rule Breaker has the best British snark ever. If you love a little comedy with your romances, check out the books on this list. Chances are, you’ll find some new gay rom coms.

Do you have any favorites that are missing from this list?

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