The Time of My Life is Live

The planning was to release The Time of My Life on Feb 23, but since the book was ready early, I did a surprise release yesterday. Head on over to Amazon (including KU) to grab this steamy MM romance with a sweet HEA.

The Time of My Life is a steamy MM romance featuring one bossy bottom with a traumatic past, one first-time gay who’s hit rock bottom, two hella hot bodyguards, and one competition for the chance of a lifetime…

Find out more about the book here or grab it for the lower release price right now.

The Time of My Life cover

The Story Behind The Time of My Life

I’ve been sharing how I developed the ideas for my books, because readers often ask: “Where do you get all the ideas for stories?” Today, I’ll be talking a little about The Time of My Life, my next book that will be released soon.

I actually wrote The Time of my Life before I wrote No Filter, the first book in the No Shame Series. It’s been sitting for a while on my Mac, patiently awaiting me being ready to edit it. Somehow, it didn’t feel like the right time yet. I wanted to do the No Shame series first, knowing I could release these quickly and not make readers wait too long. But now the time had come to finish this story and share Denver and Judah, the two main characters, with the world. Continue reading “The Story Behind The Time of My Life”

Readers Are Loving Rebel

Rebel was released a week ago, and we’re super happy with the positive response to our story of Rebel, the hot, popular gay porn star, and Troy, a commitment phobe, and their journey to love.

Here are some snippets from reviews:

“When two amazing authors decide to write a book together, this is what you get. A wonderful book with great characters, smoking-hot sex, quirky humor and a well of emotions.” (Tanja) Continue reading “Readers Are Loving Rebel”

One More Day Till Rebel Releases…

It’s only one more day until my next book releases: Rebel, the first book in the new Ballsy Boys series. The Ballsy Boys are our fictitious gay porn company in LA and when one of its super stars Rebel meets a sexy man named Troy, both are convinced they can keep it casual. After all, Rebel is a porn star and Troy is a break up artist. Yeah, not so much.

teaser Rebel

Continue reading “One More Day Till Rebel Releases…”

No Shame is Released!

I am super happy and excited that No Shame released today. This is the fourth and final book in the No Shame series…though readers are already asking (read: begging) me to write a follow up novella. I *may* be persuaded to do this, if someone sends me some really good Belgian chocolate, lol.

Seriously, I know it sounds strange and maybe a bit like bragging, but I am super proud of myself for finishing this series. It started as an idea of a guy on the run for his mobster ex…and that idea turned into four books. Continue reading “No Shame is Released!”

Where Do You Get All The Ideas For Stories? (No Shame Series)

I think this is the question fiction writers get asked most often: “Where do you get all the ideas for stories?” My answer is usually a very short, but unhelpful: “Everywhere.”

It is true, though. I do get ideas from stories from everything and everywhere… Continue reading “Where Do You Get All The Ideas For Stories? (No Shame Series)”

7 Unique Struggles Authors Face

I’m not the type to complain, but in this post, I thought I’d share some unique struggles authors face. Seriously, there needs to be a self-help book on this…or some kind of support system. The struggle is real, people, I’m telling you.

1. Deleting Words

Part of being an author is self-editing and that means ruthlessly deleting words that don’t belong in our manuscript. When they’re empty filler words (my favorite seems to be ‘just’), that’s one thing, but sometimes we have to delete whole paragraphs or even entire scenes. Ouch! I’m telling you, that physically aches. Continue reading “7 Unique Struggles Authors Face”

My Plan For 2018

‘Tis the season for planning and making goals, and I am no exception. I’ve sworn off New Year’s resolutions years ago, but I do make a yearly plan for world domination every year.

I gotta say that last year’s primary goal—I think I worded it as “finally publish a damn romance like you’ve been wanting for years”—did work out pretty well. As a matter of fact, I published three, so how’s that for over-achieving?

This year, the goal is to do more of that. Much more.

2018 plans Continue reading “My Plan For 2018”